Sunday, March 25, 2012

Projects, Home Goods Haul and Yard Sale Finds!

Good Evening!
I hope everyone had a great weekend! It is gorgeous here in Myrtle Beach! My hubby and I sat on the patio most of the day. I did however, take some time to do a little painting. I thought I would share the projects I did today.
Also, I did a little shopping at Home Goods this weekend, so I thought I would share the items I purchased there. Nothing Great but something to blog about!
I did not go to yard sales this weekend. But I had a few things to share from last weekend. I hope you all enjoy viewing my junk!!

Project Makeover!

This shelving piece was in my craft room and stored my embroidery thread. I decided to use it down stairs somehow. It use to be a light pine, so of course it could not stay that way. I used my trusted Oil Rubbed Bronze and gave it a make over!

The lamp and book on the top of the shelf use to be on the entertainment center in the family room. I have this pretty covered dish for years. I can not use it for food as it has been repaired. It is just so pretty, I wanted to display it openly.

I decided to display some of my teacups and saucers in this little cabinet.

Home Good Haul!

We burn lots of candles in this house. So I am always and forever purchasing candles. I re use the jars to store my craft bits and pieces.
My kitchen is decorated in red. So when I saw these towels and dish clothes they had to come home with me. I have seen microfiber towels but the only colors I have seen them in were neon colors or white. I love the design on these towels. I plan to display them in a basket on my counter top.

Isn't this the cutest little bunny! I love that it has purple to match the rest of the Easter deocrations on the dining table. It has the word lilac written on the body. It is all glittery,and I love glittery.

Yard Sale Finds!!

You gotta love free! This was sitting in the mix of a bunch of card board boxes. I spotted it and ask the man if it was for sale. He said I was just going to throw it away, If you want it just take it!!
It was brown wicker with the metal part black. I did not like the black with the brown, so of course I painted it oil rubbed bronze. I don't have a clue how I am going to use this, or where I am going to place it. For now it is sitting against my kitchen wall.

This is an Avon Bottle, I don't know if perfume or men's cologne was in the bottle. It is a lantern. I was planning to pain the gold parts with oil rubbed bronze. But after thinking about it for awhile. I decided to leave it gold. It was fifty cents at the yard sale.

Those of you who read my blog regularly, know that I love beaded purses. This one was a dollar at a yard sale.


  1. Holy Cow- You did good, girl. I love all your finds and I love that little beaded purse at the end! xo Diana

  2. I cannot believe you got that tray table for free. It's beautiful! Love your teacup display and the covered dish is really pretty...Christine

  3. I cannot believe you got that tray table for free. It's beautiful! Love your teacup display and the covered dish is really pretty...Christine

  4. Lots of great finds, Susan! Your cabinet is perfect for your tea cups! Thanks for stopping by and for the get well wishes!

  5. Don't you just love it when you find such great stuff for your home! You did good.
    Mary Alice

  6. What treasure you find at the garage sales. Love the purse...

  7. What beautiful treasures you found!! I haven't been to a Home Goods in a long time & our flea markets are about to open again for the season!! WOO HOO!! Can't wait!
    Have a Great Day!!

  8. You found some great things. Love the Avon bottle and your shelf turned out so beautiful.

  9. Hi Susan,
    WOW you find the best goodies. I love everything. Isn't the bunny so cute.
    Love the teacups displayed in that gorgeous cabinet.
    Have a good mid week my friend.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  10. You found some great treasures! The little tray/table would be great on a screened porch,or between 2 chairs! Thanks for stopping by!

  11. great finds!!! you must be smiling!

  12. The shelf and the Avon bottle are my favorite things here.


  13. Oh, we love all of the same things, I love the wicker table, bottles, and that purse is to die for...Yep, what a haul!


  14. Great finds...I love your teacup collection - so pretty. And that wicker tray/shelf is really nice - I could picture plants it it - or a display of one of your teacups and a doily and a good book! I am sure you will have fun decorating with it!

  15. Bonjour Susan
    Looks like you found some nice treasures. Love your display with your covered dish and cups and saucers.
    Thank you for coming by to visit and your kind words about the magazine.
    Have a good weekend,

  16. You found some wonderful fav is that wicker tray/table. Don’t forget to enter my current “coastal” giveaway…it’s a beauty!!


  17. I always love the treasures you find!

  18. What a haul. I love the FREE wicker tray table. I know you will find a fabulous place to use it. The beaded purse is lovely. I need to follow you around, you are a bargain magnet.
    I think you tea cups look beautiful on those shelves. I am thinking you like those better than the thread.
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Ginger

  19. A steal for the beaded purse!!!!!!