Saturday, March 3, 2012

Ross, Marshall, Kirkland and Goodwill Hauls!

Good Afternoon!
It is a rainy day here in Myrtle Beach. And of course there were no yard sales. But did I let that stop me from finding some way! I jumped in my car and trucked right down to my favorite shopping haunts.
I thought I would share with you my different hauls. There were just too many little items to post them one by one. If you have a question about something I will be more than glad to answer. So anyway, I hope you enjoy looking!


I saw the fashion cleaning gloves and thought hubbie would get a kick out of me wearing them when I clean.
That little wooden bird with the bling. He stole my heart!

This bunny had to come home with me. I fell in love with the color, I will most likely use him in an Easter display on my mantle.


As you can see I found a lot of little things that I love at Marshall's. Some of them will be used in a Vignette for easter.

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This storage thingie for blankets was on clearance. I definitely have some quilts and blankets that need to be stored, so I brought it home with me.


They just opened a new Good will not far from me! I may have went on a bad afternoon, but I was not real impressed. But I did manage to find the items below!

I fell in love with this little floral pillow. I think it was the roses that got to me. Also anytime I find a pillow case with a lace edge it is mine. I will do some embroidery on it, as you know nothing can stay just plain around me.

I don't yet know what I am going to do with these planters. But I know they will definitely get a makeover. I guess they are kind of ugly but for some reason I was drawn to them.

These little chip board pieces were intended to be a calendar I think. But I will probably use them as individual pieces in some sort of altering project.

I love these little country snow people. With the little heart it can carry right on through Valentines day.

I pick up sewing patterns at Goodwill and yard sales anytime I see them. I hope when I retire I can sew a lot. I do sew some now, but not as much as I like.

I found this little pink photo album for a baby's christening. My son just had a reversal on his vasectomy, and hoping to have a baby with his new wife. I told him I supported them as long as they had me a baby girl!! LOL.

I love this little plate. It is a FTD floral one, but I loved the soft colors of the flowers and the gorgeous blue butterflies!


  1. had a very successful shopping trip! good for you!! isn't it fun to just look at the stuff you got that you didn't pat full price for?!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

  2. WOW! What a day you had! I can't believe all the stuff you found in one day! I hope your son and his wife are able to have a baby girl for you!

    I think those planters will be really nice spray painted. I love the shape of them. xo Diana

  3. Goodness, that was a haul! It is good thing it was raining, if you had gone to garage sales too you would have had to rent a uhaul LOL! Looks like a lot of great Easter stuff. We have a couple GW near by but I have never found any thing great there


  4. Looks as though you had a fun day. love your little bunny.

  5. What a fun day and a fabulous haul!

    Have a wonderful Sunday!


  6. Can see that I'm going to have to make a trip to Marshals too...don't ususally go there...but you made a haul girl !

    So fun to shop...I could not believe that I told my husband the other day.. "we don't have room for one more thing...larger than a baseball in our house"...I must be getting senile !!


  7. Wow! You've been busy shopping, Susan. How fun! Love what you brought home.....Christine

  8. Wow Susan! You found some great treasures! I wish we had a Ross or Kirkland around here. I always see some amazing things people find there! I think I just picked up a teacup and saucer that matches your FTD plate. I hope to be sharing it in a tea party post soon! I hope you are enjoying your day!

  9. Wow Susan you had such a great time!
    I think the wicker planters will look fabulous painted they are a great shape and i so hope you get a baby girl,what a dream that would be x

  10. Looks like you had a successful shopping spree! You found some great stuff.
    Thanks for stopping by, Mary Alice

  11. Great treasures you found here, Susan. Looks like we 'hunted' the same day. :)

  12. Love the plate with the butterfly!! Of course, you knew I would, now, didn't you?!! LOL And...Kirkland used to be a great store here until they relocated in town, and now all they carry is picture frames and a little of decorating items...nothing like they used to have. Which is a shame, 'cause I loved going in there and finding all kinds of unique goodies. As for Ross and Marshall' it.

  13. My got a year worth of great finds! That plate is gorgeous!! and I think the planters are neat!

  14. Lots of great finds! I bet you can't wait till garage sale time... me too.
    hugs Lynn

  15. You sure know how to search out the deals, Susan. :) Thanks so much for stopping by Take Six!

  16. Looks like you hit the jackpot with all your great finds. I love Marshalls and Ross too. Seems you can always find such great things. I've heard the end of the week is a terrible time to shop at Goodwill because they get new stuff on the weekend after yard sales. Maybe try again earlier in the week before writing this one off.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog this afternoon. Have a wonderful weekend. I'm sure you have lots of decorating plans since you have new "stuff" to work with!