Sunday, May 6, 2012

Yard Sale Haul!

Good Evening my friends! Hope everyone had a beautiful weekend. We had major storms here last night. The wind blew so hard it lifted our patio umbrella out of the hole in the table. It shattered the table top. We woke up to shattered glass all over the patio. My hubby and I had to make a trip to Lowe's to replace our patio table. I went to the yard sales this weekend. They were much better this weekend. The past few weekends the yard sales were pitiful. I was beginning to think everyone was hanging on to their good stuff and just selling their junk. This weekend was a pleasant surprise. I thought I would share my finds. I found a lot of craft supplies as well, but I thought I would spare you and not show all that mess. Later this week I will share some projects I have been working on as well. Hope you enjoy! Yard Sale Haul! This was my find of the weekend. A single man was having a yard sale. He told me his girlfriend he broke up with bought these pieces. He first told me he wanted 10.00 dollars for them, I thanked him and started to walk away. He said you can have them all for five dollars! I snatched them up and paid the man. These will look so wonderful with my other fall pieces. I know its summer, but you gotta grab things when you see them for a bargain. There were even four beaded napkin rings with the set.
Of course you know I could not pass up these two little pink glass pieces. They were a quarter each.
These two black wire baskets were fifty cents for both! I was drawn to them for some reason. I do not know what I will use them for but I will think of something.
I do not know the name of this rose pattern. I have a complete tea set in the same pattern. I was so excited when I found these, they were just a dollar for all four.
Linens! I don't know if this is a table topper or a scarf! But I love the peach color with the embroidery flowers. The lace around the edges is just yummy!
I have been collecting old embroidered linens for year. I think some day I will make a comforter out of them, I think that would be so pretty!
I love the saying on this little bunny tea towel. I think it says it all about families.
I love white vintage pillow cases. I think the trim on this one is gorgeous!
I just loved this little doily. I have decided to leave it on the kitchen table. It matches the room decor really well. I love that it has pink, red and green.
A little floral tea towel.


  1. My Gosh, Susan- You really got a lot of fine things. I love old linens, too...and have way too many.

    Those Fall pieces are wonderful, aren't they? I would have snapped those up, too! xo Diana

  2. What finds you found. The fall china is amazing. Like I say you seem to have a lot more reasonable garage sales than we do in Australia.

  3. I just LOVE seeing what everyone else brings home from their treasure hunts. AND "WOW" did you score. I LOVE those fall leaf dishes. What fun they will be come fall(we'll BLINK and it'll be here). Everything you bought would have HOPPED in my car too. Speaking of HOPPING, (((LOVE)))that green strip bunny towel. It's GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!
    Have a FUN,FUN,FUN week,
    Big Hugs,

  4. What a fabulous treasure trove Susan. The last linen is the kind Mother used to do. I love everything ... you are so fortunate.

    Have a beautiful week ~
    TTFN ~

  5. You had great luck! I love the autumn pieces! Can't go wrong with the linens either!

  6. your GREAT finds! If you and I lived close we could surely rip up the town!


  7. Great stuff. I like the Autumn dishes, and the pink glass vase. Oh and the black baskets could be used for a great Halloween decoration, with orange 'grass' and some haunting figurines. Just a thought.

    You talking about making a quilt of the embroidered pieces reminded me of one my mom had long ago [I know not what happened to it]....but she had all her cousins and aunts and sister and mom embroidery their names on a block with their favorite flower....she turned all the blocks into a beautiful quilt!] A true family heirloom.

  8. What wonderful finds, Susan. I love the bunny towel and the plates are stunning. What a deal and you have the cups to match them? How perfect is that?...Christine