Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hello Friends! I wanted to do a quick post. I wanted to share the changes I have done with dining room and the beloved Entertainment Center. I welcome your comments! Again! The Entertainment Center. Yep! Once again I changed out the decor on the entertainment center. I have to say though I have liked this one best of all the ones I have tried. I love the natural balls in the basket in the center. The log cabin print was a Goodwill find. I did not know what to do with it or how to display it, so I decided to use it here. The lamp was a yard sale find and the little house was a GW find. I don't remember where I got the candlestick and bird on the right side of the center. The bird in front of the plate came from Tuesday Morning. The plate was one of last weeks finds.
Dining room table! I decided to use some of last weeks yard sale finds to decorate our dining table. The candle sticks were a yard sale find many moons ago. This past weekend I found the vase of hydrangeas , with the exception of the green hydrangeas, at a yard sale. Also the table runner was one of last weeks finds. I really like this vase of flowers on the table. It is just the size our big chunky table needed.


  1. It looks lovely. Your flowers in the dinning room are beautiful.

  2. Beautiful Miss Susan. Love that chunky table and hydrangeas! YUM!


  3. It's always fun to change things around, looking lovely! xo

  4. So pretty! Love your big table and I adore hydrangeas.

  5. Hi Susan! :) I like your changes....I wouldn't move a thing! :)
    I'm glad you like my window seat I'm building. I love it, but I'll sure be glad when it's all's whipping my tushy! lol
    Oh...and the things I have in the cabinet are just some things I stuck in there, I'm sure I'll change everything around and definitely have even more pink in there! :)
    Hope you're having a wonderful Memorial Day!

  6. Thanks for stopping by to visit!
    I am enjoying seeing all your milk glass on the entertainment center.

  7. That crocheted basket is lovely-I have never seen anything like it...and I just love those boxes you made, Susan. They are beautiful. xo Diana

  8. Susan, you are 100% correct about us being born in the wrong Era..but I would OH SO miss my A/C and other conveniences..!!
    Thanks for dropping by by blog.

  9. Hi lovely lady.
    I love your crocheted basket so Beautiful.Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my new Tablescape for the Memorial day.
    XXOO Diane