Sunday, June 3, 2012

Blog Envy and Vignettes!

Good Evening my friends. I am confused as to why I am getting so few comments. I visit most of the blogs on my reading list daily. I always leave comments. I blog for myself, but I just love for people to visit and let me know what they think. I glean so many ideas from your blogs and I welcome any feedback on my decorating or my crafts. I thank each and everyone of you who visit me regularly. Anyway enough of my pity party. LOL, I wanted to share some of the Vignettes in areas of my house. Most of these changes were done this weekend. Hope you enjoy! I made a change to my fireplace vignette. I found the candle holder last week. I added some greenery and some hydrangeas. The candles came from the Dollar Tree with the exception of the taller one. I bought it at Old Time Pottery this weekend.
Yes I changed one of the vignette's on the Entertainment Center again. The book box and the plate was already a part of the vignette. I added the new hurricane candle stick I found last weekend. Also I had found the wood vase a couple of weeks back, the feathers came from AC Moore.
I found this metal art at a yard sale a few months back. I just got around to painting it this weekend. I decided to hang it over the little black cabinet. It is in the hallway to our Master Bedroom.
This is a vignette in one corner of my counter top in the kitchen. The wood plate is an old yard sale find,I have posted it before. The rooster is a new find from last week. The little basket was found this weekend.
This little egg wreath was 50 cents. All it needed was a little cleaning and it was as good as new. I use to have a star hanging where it is, but I thought the egg wreath fit this vignette better.


  1. Love your metal art. It looks so pretty on your wall. Being a country girl your chook and eggs appeal to me as well.

  2. Hi Susan,
    I (((LOVE))) your mantel. Everything about it! The picture is one that I would DEFINITELY LOVE to have...and those dishes are some that are "On My WISHLIST,hehe(Oh My a wishlist is SUCH FUN)...My Hubby AND youngest son are both Sea Captains SO I KNOW they would LOVE,LOVE,LOVE your decor!
    As for the commenting. BLOGGER has been being a PAIN FOR Comments... I found myself having to repeat 4 or 5 times and SOMETIMES I even "Forgot what I was going to Say",hehe!!! I ended up doing a COPY&PASTE...
    Well Sweetie, I PROMISE I'll be back soon SO keep that kettle HOT!
    Big Squishy Hugs to you,

  3. Looks like you gathered some terrific finds to change out your vignettes. I find changing up things once in a while gives a fresh look again. Yours are nicely done!
    Mary Alice

  4. Oh your mantel look so beautiful! I agree it looks like you have some awesome finds!!

  5. Oh-Your mantle looks great, Susan. You found some really good deals there. I like the egg wreath that you found..and you vignette looks nice.

    You know, when I first started out I got very, very few comments. It wasn't until I got up to about 250 followers that I started getting more comments....something I NEVER thought would happen.

    I just visited a lot of different blogs in the beginning and that helped me grow my own blog.

    Good luck to you- I know it is discouraging- and I was discouraged the first couple of years...but you just keep plugging along. I always try to pop by here and comment. Blessings to you- Diana

  6. We are going to have to call you the rooster lady LOL! Love your mantle! Hum, I have no idea why people would not comment, have you looked at your stats to see how many people stop buy, it is on your dashboard under the thing that looks like a drawing of a sheet of tablet paper. I see maybe 1/4 of the people that visit any particular post leave comments on my blog, I can never figure it out, something that I think is mundane they love, and visa versa....Go figure!


  7. Hi, Susan! It's so nice to see all your finds displayed so prettily throughout your home. It's what makes a house a home! Don't be discouraged about the comments. I find that some weeks (and some posts) are better than others with comments. And you're doing the right thing by visiting and commenting. Hope you have a wonderful week!

  8. Love your finds, Susan, especially the metal wall art and cute rooster! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!