Sunday, June 10, 2012

Good Evening my friends. I thought I would stop in and share my yard sale find and the projects I worked on this weekend. I had a lot of fun in my craft room this weekend. I am trying to use up some of my craft supplies as my craft room is over flowing. Hope you enjoy! I stopped at one yard sale this weekend. The only thing I found was this Mercury glass looking candle votive. Its about 8 inches tall. It was brand new. The label said it came from Kirklands and the original price was 6.99. I paid three dollars for it. This was a really heavy nice shoe box before I started this project. I wanted to decorate it in creams and browns so I could store some of my laces inside. I first covered the lid with cream color cotton fabric. Then I attached the darker lace around the sides of the top. I added some ribbon to cover up the fabric around the lid and then glued some ruffly cream lace on top of the ribbon. The doily is a vintage doily I found at a yard sale. The flowers are really vintage. They are made of a heavy velvet. They use to have gold clips in the center of the rose. They were used as place card holders in another life. I used my cutter pliar and cut the metal out of the center of the rose. The rose also had brown velvet leaves. I purchased some beautiful feathers at AC Moore last week. They are the perfect color for this project. I glued a bronw and cream feather behind each flower. I hot glued pearls all the way around the edge of the doily. The beige rose trim I purchased from Wild Orchid Craft. I just love it! All the lace is glued to the lid of the box. So when I want to store something inside, all the lace lifts off with the lid. I used part of an old lace curtain to make this unmentionables bag. I used coffee to dye it to an aged look. The flower is off a hair band I found at the Family Dollar. I just love feminine little bags. I used fabric and lace scraps to make these little hanging pillows.


  1. You've created some very pretty treasures Susan. It's so fun to be able to create from such thrifty finds.

  2. You have had some lovely finds. Well done.

  3. Wow! You got a LOT done this weekend. I love all your lace goodies and especially that shoe box. It's perfect~ xo Diana

  4. Your little pillows are so cute. I haven't been able to do any fun projects lately with all the wedding things...I am doing good to visit a few blogs....don't feel bad about your low comments...I have been blogging for 5 years...and sometimes I still only get under 10 comments. I quit trying to figure it out.
    Have a great week!!

  5. Hi Susan!
    You have certainly been quite a busy creative bee!
    Your little bags are adorable and I can see all the love and talent that went into creating each and every one! You were on a roll!
    AC Moore sounds like a fun place to shop and wish we had them in our area.
    Enjoy a wonderful day!

  6. Hi Susan...Nice yard sale finds and crafty projects! Thanks for your visit to my blog and comment, too. It was nice to see that you stopped by. Some days I get a lot of comments to my post and other days, very few. I'm always extremely happy when someone takes the time to say hello. That's what makes blogging so wonderful, don't you think? Susan

  7. Hi Susan,
    Thanks for leaving such a nice comment on my blog and I'm glad that you are following me. I've been a follower of yours for awhile.
    I love your pretty romantic box and your thrifting finds.


  8. Hello, Thanks for the visit!

  9. You have so much patience & talent to make these sweet boxes, Susan! It must be a good feeling to be able to put your supplies to such beautiful use!

  10. You must spend a great deal of your spare time creating...and that is wonderful.
    You know I too wonder why SO many people come and visit my blog..SO VERY few ever leave a comment.
    My "world record" is 75 visits for one post... but only 2 comments..were left.!!!
    Of I come to a blog, I will most always leave a comment at least.

    But I just keep on posting pic'son my blog all the same...I just love doing it. It's kinda like my own persoanl " re~pin it" board !!

    Susan, thanks for coming by ....I appreciate that very much.