Sunday, September 30, 2012

Shopping and Recovering

Good Evening my friends! I hope everyone is having a good weekend. I went shopping this weekend to my own demise. As you all know I have been having some health issues. On Thursday of this past week I had a biopsy on my right breast. I will learn the results of that on Tuesday of this next week. I will keep you informed. I thought I had recovered enough that I could go shopping on Saturday. I made it to a couple of yard sales, Ross and Kirkland's. I went to Marhall's and had to leave because I was not doing well at all. I did not know if I could even drive home. I sat in my SUV for a few minutes and then I drove home. I was so exhausted when I did get home, which was ten miles away from where I was shopping. I apologized to my hubbie and told him I thought I was okay. But needless to say I did not get anything done in the house this weekend. I slept all the rest of the day on Saturday. Today I was not as tired but hubbie told me not to do anything but sit in my chair today. I have to work tomorrow. I wanted to share what I did find on my shopping trip! I hope you enjoy! KIRKLAND HAUL! I fell in love with these burlap sunflowers. I will use them in the Master Bedroom to add some more fall decor. I already have a burlap pumpkin. The quilt on the bed is in fall colors as well. The bird I will use maybe in my Christmas decor. I love the bronzie burgundy color. I will use after Christmas as well, as my home decor is in fall colors any way. Or maybe a better description is earth tone and jewel colors. I love to burn candles. Kirkland's candles smell so yummy! I bought them at buy one and get the other half price. Those were in acorn and apple scented. The red one is a watermelon scent. I found it in the clearance section in the back.It was half price.
ROSS HAUL The candle is a pumpkin spice scent. It smells yummy! I love the pattern of this black and white table cloth. This one will go on my kitchen table after the Christmas season. It will stay on the table until spring. I will be on the hunt for a pretty spring cloth that I like as well. I also bought some cozy socks and a pair of Gloria Vanderbilt Jeans. I did not post the photos of those items. I like to leave my blog for mainly home decor.
K-MART I purchased this table cloth several weeks back. I love the Country Living Line in K-mart. I will use this one during the Christmas season on my kitchen table. It is a 70-inch round one with a ruffle along the bottom edge.
YARD SALE On my way shopping I passed a Community yard sale. So of course I had to stop. It was late in the morning, so the pickins were slim. I found the cardinal tray and the candle holders. The tray was 75 cents and the candle holders were three dollars. The candle holders were a little pricey for me but I love anything that is beaded. div class="separator" style="clear: both; text-align: center;">


  1. I am so sorry you are having health problems. My prayers are with you for good news on Tuesday. I love the Burlap sunflowers, they are so special. Plus grate cloths.
    Take it easy, my friend.

  2. Love the cardinal tray!
    Hope all is well. Please let us know.

  3. More great finds!!! I do love to shop for bits and bobs but I am pushing max density in my house so it 'keeps me honest'. lol I hope you are feeling better and that the biopsy comes back OK!!!

  4. Susan I just sent you and email asking how your were doing? Now I see from your post that it's not so good. I will continue to keep you in my prayers.

    Your shopping finds are all awesome. Love the burlap flowers and those tablecloths are also great. The photos are perfect and the right size so not sure what happened on that other post. I hope you will keep us informed of your health status. I hope you know I really care.

    Take care sweet friend,


  5. I love all your neat finds. I like Kirkland's too, although I don't shop there like I used to! I am trying not to buy so much since I need nothing. You've been in my prayers since you said you were having health issues. Take Care!