Friday, April 1, 2011

Master Bedroom!!

Good Evening Bloggers!! I took the day off today and did some shopping and tweaking to our Master Bedroom!! I thought I would share it with you guys this evening.
As you already know I buy a lot of my decorative items from yard sales. I have very few pieces of furniture from Yard Sales.
My husband and I love Cherry Wood Furniture. When we purchase our furniture it is a good quality furniture. So you see , I am not cheap or I mean thrifty in all areas of my home.
I hope you enjoy and I welcome any advise or suggestions for decorating. As I have said before I am not a decorator , I am a mental health therapist. LOL
Please ignore my ugly CPAP Machine in the floor by our bed.. Unfortunately I have to sleep with the mask due to my sleep apnea!!

This is the view you see when you first enter our Master Bedroom. The little steppie things were a five dollar yard sale find!!P

Full front view of the bed. I made the monogram pillow on the bed. The quilt set came from K-Marts Country Living style. I love the ruffles and lace that is all in and around the quilt. The colors I fell in love with and was the reason I bought the quilt.

An angle view of the dresser!

This the vignette sitting in the middle of the dresser. I purchased the glass cloche thingie at Kirklands today. I had the shredded nestie stuff already. I also had the little bird on hand as well.
The little silver brush and comb( I don't think it is real silver). I found at a yard sale.

This little lamp sits on the left side of our dresser. I purchased it today at Kirklands. I am actually thinking about going back to Kirklands tomorrow to get another one. I would sit it on the opposite end and removed the vase of faux flowers!
The little gold purse is a Goodwill find.

This is the chest in our Master Bedroom. As you can see the black box is sitting atop of the chest. It is in our plans to hang the black box on the wall and put the chest in the walk in closet.

This is a different shot of the dresser and its stuff.

This is the right side night stand. I hope to either get rid of this lamp entirely or at least get a new shade. The lamp was a brassy gold and I spray painted it to match the other lamp on the left night stand. It was part of my husbands bachelor furniture -Junk uh I mean stuff.
The Little girl is part of a set. If you notice the box behind the lamp is filled with my vintage hankie collection.


The table my husband and I bought when we first moved to South Carolina! I found the chair at a yard sale for 5.00. I plan to have it made over. I am afraid to tackle the re upholstery my self. I also plan to do something different with these plain cream colored sheers. I may make a valance. Or just replace them all together. I purchased them at Target.
The cherry lamp on this table is a Good Will find. I found its globe shade at a yard sale for 50 cents. I bought the little bird today at Kirklands! The ivory vase is a Lenox piece. I have several Lenox's pieces I have found at yard sales. The flowers were a good will find!

This lamp I hope either sees a new shade soon or I get rid of the entire lamp and replace it with another one!! It was a yard sale find. The little rose box was a yard sale find as well. The little boy statue is part of a set that I have had for years. I do not know where or when I purchased it. The little girl part of the set is on the other night stand.

This is the vignette on right end of our dresser. I found this vase at a yard sale. There is another one just like it stored away. I bought the flowers at Ole Time Pottery! I bought the frame at Kirklands today! It was on clearance for 3.98! I just loved the sparkel and color of the frame

These two french doors are the entry way to the Master Bath. I am not quite ready to show you that room as of yet. There is alot of tweaking to do in there!! I made the little door pillow hanging on the door knob

I absolutely love these two plaques!! I found these a couple of years ago at a yard sale. I ended up paying 1.oo for both of these plaques.


  1. Very pretty bedroom, Susan! The furniture is gorgeous!

  2. Susan, you sure know how to bargin shop....I love a good bargin too. But I think I would have to go to 900 + Garage Sales to get the things I really love.
    So I just head to the Antique Malls and Antique shows and get it over with pretty quick.
    You are right...we may well have been born in the wrong era..VICTORIAN is my game.
    You were asking about decorating ideas..I notice you have a lot of electrical cords hanging around in may wish to go to Hobby Lobby and get some cord covers..they really hide those dark cords beautifully.
    I know you are loving your new house.


  3. Oh I do indeed like those two plaques!

  4. Love the plaques and the hurricane lamp!...Christine

  5. Susan Hi again...if you can make your own cord covers....they are simply cloth "tubes" for your cords to hind inside... coordinated with your wall color.

    Hugs, Rose

  6., Susan. I too love the darker wood tones. Finally, someone else that cherishes the richness of Cherry Wood!! [I also love mahogany]




  8. Susan,
    OMG!!! That bed is magnificent!! LOVE it!! And I love the marble tops on the other pieces of your furniture. Marble, right???
    I understand about the CPAP being a nurse...

    Thanks for your visit!!


  9. Your bedroom is coming together nicely, Susan! I'm interested in the handkerchief collection (I have a hard time resisting them when I find them).

    I, too, like dark wood. I see so much furniture painted white, but personally prefer natural woods. Your bedroom furniture is lovely.

  10. Your bedroom set is so beautiful! Love what you've done with your room. Mimi

  11. Hi Susan,
    Love your master bedroom and the bed quilt is so pretty. The colors are so gorgeous with your beautiful furniture. Love your headboard and footboard.
    I have the very same lamp from Kirklands in my new kitchen. Love it.
    Your night stands are so pretty with your treasures.
    Love it all. You sure have been busy and everything looks amazing.
    Have a great rest of the weekend.
    XOXO Celestina Marie

  12. Lovely bedding. I envy seeing all the pretty Country Living stuff other people show. There hasn't been a K-mart near me in a few years, so I never make the effort to shop out of the way. Pretty stuff though!

    I'd go back for the second lamp. I think the matching set on each end would be very nice.

  13. Hello sweet Susan! Your bedroom is very pretty and cozy! I love all of the beautiful ornate cherry furniture. You have darling vignettes. The plaques are quite a steal! Happy Pink Saturday sweet friend.
    Squishy hugs,

  14. Thanks for the pretty bedroom tour. You have some lovely things - the plaques are great and I am in love with your headboard!

  15. That all looks very cozy Susan..great job making it such a nice master bed room! :D

  16. Susan,
    Thanks for taking me on your bedroom I LOVE that BIG and BEAUTIFUL bed!!!


  17. Susan, Your bedroom furniture is beautiful. What a gorgeous bed! Love the plaques too.
    Hugs, Sherry

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