Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Yard Sale Finds

Good Evening Bloggers!!
I wanted to share last weekends yard sale finds with you. The pickings have been slim at yard sales lately! Or I am just being more selective in what I buy. I bought these three items all for 3.00 dollars! This was the extent of my yard sale purchases this past weekend.
I hope everyone is having a good week! Take care and have a wonderful Easter weekend!!

I have been looking for an ice bucket for a long time. I finally found one that I really liked! I love the old world look of this. It fits into my decor really well.

I do not know what attracted me to this little box, the colors or the train. But I really fell in love with its old world look!

I fell in love with this little wire candle holder. Not so much the color of it, I plan to paint it red, white or black, which do you think would look best?


  1. Susan,
    Love your finds this week! The ice bucket, the train box ... I really like that train!

  2. Love the ice bucket and the wire candle holder is precious - I would have snapped it up too!

  3. All three of your finds are great Susan! I have been collecting vintage ice bucket lately and didn't even realize I have started a collection(they say 3 or more is a collection and I have 4!) LOL But, oddly enough, we have been using them. As a matter of fact, when my brother called me a couple of day ago to talk about the menu for Easter dinner he asked if I would bring an ice bucket. I have been taking them to get togethers lately and everyone loves having it there. and we will use them a lot of outdoor meals and BBQs. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter!

  4. cool finds! Yes, I have just not had anything post worthy to say or show. lol I'm gonna get back in the groove soon. :)

    Happy Easter!

  5. Hello sweet Susan! Oh, your pretty old worldy find is very classy and the candle holder...well, you know I would paint it white!
    Hugs and Happy Easter!
    Your friend,

  6. Great finds, Susan! I'm wondering if that adorable little train box/case was used as a purse? I'd be tempted....!!

    Hope you have a blessed Easter!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  7. You did fantastic with your new goodies! I don't know how big the train case IS but I had a similar shaped box that held my 45records"WAY back when"!!! I would have bought all the same things you did! I LOVE that little metal thingy... I think I would paint it a creamy white...LOVE IT!!!
    Thank you for sharing...
    Happy Easter to you and yours,

  8. Great finds! I love the old world ice bucket.
    Happy Easter!

  9. That is a great ice bucket. My mom looked for years before she found one and resorted to serving ice in a bowl. Finally she found a metallic gold one. Not that pretty, but functional.

    Looks like you lucked out in both beauty and function.