Saturday, April 30, 2011

New Project and Yard Sale Finds!

Good Evening bloggers!! I will make my introduction very short. Today I want to share with you my latest project. I also want to share the goodies I found at yard sales today! Hope you enjoy viewing my photographs!


I decided to alter this box in a Shabby Chic fashion, because of the paper that was inside the box already. It was perfect for shabby chic. First I painted the box white with crafters glue and let it dry. Then I hot glued the daisy trim all around the paper to frame the box. Next I pulled random roses and some heart shaped beads from my stash and started hot gluing them on the paper. The pretty blue teapot and coffee cup came from a note card. I bought a whole set at TJ Maxx for 2.00. I think it made the perfect center piece for my shabby box.
I added pink lace with string pearls glued on to the lace.
I am really getting some practice in altering these boxes! Mine are not as put together nicely as some of the ones I have seen on you tube videos!! I am still working with what I already have vs buying more stuff!

The inside of the box! I covered the bottom with paper I found in the cigar box. I opened the box up to look inside before I stared altering and to my surprise it had the original paper that they wrapped the cigars. It was so pretty, I decided to use it as my base paper. I also used the paper on the top of the box as well.

I was going to cover the inside of the lid with paper, however I decided I like the photo there and decided to not cover it up. I did put some pink lace at the bottom and glued string pearls to the lace. I bought the glitter flower at Michale's . I had used one these flowers on a previous project. I put two little rosebuds in the corners of the lid.

I added some of the paper to the sides of the box!


This was my favorite find today!! I love anything with Roses and I am really trying to develop a collection of blue roses!! This platter was 2.50. I fell in love with it when I saw it. It was made in England, but is not a vintage piece.

I can see these two red hearts on my Christmas tree this year! I paid 50 cents each.

This green coupon thingy was free!!

I thought this little gold clutch was so cute for 25 cents! I may do something crafty with it, I don't know!

I know Easter is over, but I could not pass these brand new never out of the package bunnies up! They were a 1.00 each!


  1. Oh my that cigar box is just delightful! All of your shabby fluffy goodness is just so pretty! Love your finds, those bunnies are too cute! Happy Pink Saturday my sweet friend!

  2. Those Easter treasures are finds!!! I can't believe $1 a piece. You got a steal there. And the heart ornaments will look good after Christmas too....for Valentine's Day. Not to forget the blue and white rose platter. Whoa...gorgeous.

  3. Love your finds. Those heart ornaments are very sweet!

  4. Hi Susan,
    Your cigar box turned out gorgeous. I love all the details and leaving the pic original was a great idea. It is a nice vintage print.
    Love the blue roses plate. I collect these too. Darling bunnies for a great price and the hearts will be the perfect ornament this Christmas.
    I can see the purse embellished too. I am sure you will come up with just the perfect touch. You are so talent and have such an eye for great treasures.

    It is raining and cool here today with strong storms and high winds. No tornadoes predicted, so we are thankful for that.

    Happy May Day and have a great week.
    Hugs from Texas, Celestina Marie

  5. You continue to amaze me with your creations. Very nice, Susan! Sounds like you've had some interesting shopping excursions. Just about makes me want to venture out again (but then I look around me and see all I have and decide I'd best stay home!)

  6. Oh, I think this is my favorite box. I love the graphics it came with, sometimes we have to leave well enough alone LOL!


  7. Your box has inspired me, I have several cigar boxes!!! I need to something with them!!!
    I love the blue plate, blue is my fav. color!!!

  8. Great finds, Susan. Your cigar box is adorable!...Christine

  9. Susan, I truly do not know when you have time to do all this "Garage Saling"..and Crafting...working full time like you do...but it sure seems to work for you...that is one darling cigar box.
    GLAD you saved the picture on the inside...something left of the original box is nice.


  10. What a lovely transformation to your cigar box, so glad you didn't cover up the inside picture, its beautiful as well. love how you used the paper!
    fun finds too.
    hugs Lynn

  11. Great finds and wonderful cigar box transformation! Oh, glad you liked my laundry room color...I can't wait to show you all how much more I've gotten done! SO EXCITED!! :)

  12. LOVE the cigar box and all your goodies too. I am now following you !

  13. I have that blue plate too, and it is very lovely. A few years ago, I owned a store and sold a bunch of these plates. I kept the 2 that remained. However, I always loved the pattern so much that I wish I had kept more for myself. They are very pretty, and I'm sure you'll find a great place to display yours in your new home.

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