Sunday, July 24, 2011

Tweaking and Yard Sale Finds!!

Good afternoon blogger friends!! It is exhaustively hot here in Myrtle Beach. I have been using my nebulizer every day just to be able to breath!!
I have been busy today, painting and tweaking. I thought I would share my project with you. Also I found some great junk this weekend at yard sales! So be prepared this is a long post!!
Hope you have a great week, and stay cool!


You guys will remember I previously added the picture and the greenery to our bedroom hall wall. Well I did a bit more tweaking by adding a cabinet with a vignette!!

A close up view of the cabinet. It use to be an ugly country blue! It was setting in our garage. I had some oil rubbed bronze spray paint and so I thought.......uhmmmmmmm this was the result of my uhmmmmmmmmmmm.

I already had on hand everything in this vignette. I took and old basket and added a doily. I put a candle stand in the middle and poured gardenia potpourri all around the candle stand. Then I added some decorative balls and placed a candle on the candle stand.

Favorite weekend find!!

I paid five dollars for this painting! It is my favorite find of the weekend. I hung it in my dining room. It matches my Old Country Roses china!


Liz Cleighborn purse! 2.00

Cream and roses purse! 1.00


Glittery goldie orangie pumpkin bird house!!

Cute little scare crow. 50 cents

Green Picnic Basket 3.00

Inside the picnic basket! I see a fall vignette with some pumpkins and my little scarecrow friend in this basket! What do you think?

More Christmas in July!

This wreath is one from Walmart. It has never been taken out of the package. It was originally 15.00 but I paid 3.00 at a yard sale. Of course it will be added to , it needs a little color and some bling!!


  1. Wow! you got some cool stuff at great prices!
    Love the pumpkin bird house and the picnic basket. All of it is really cute! Good job!

  2. Lot of fun finds Susan and your tweeking looks great!

  3. Hi Susan,
    WOW, I just love your cabinet added under your pretty wall arrangement in the bedroom hallway. The candle basket is darling on top too. Love the color you painted it as well.
    The rose painting is really a big score too. Gorgeous. You find the best stuff. I love all the fall decor your found and the basket idea would be darling.
    Thanks for sharing your weekend finds. Hope you get some relief from the heat. We hit 106 degrees today. No end in sight and no rain predicted. FALL HURRY UP!!

    XO Celestina Marie

  4. Susan, you tweak beautifully, friend.

    Great finds....enjoy them.

    Barb ♥

  5. Wow, great finds. You're ahead of the game with the Halloween and Christmas goodies already. Love that picnic basket. You'll have to use it when it's not so hot outside.

  6. Your tweaking looks great...and of course, some wonderful finds.

  7. My favorite find of yours is the Cream & Roses purse .


  8. ohhhh I see you scored big at the garage sales too. What fun!
    hugs lynn

  9. Lovely finds. Love your tweaking!...Christine

  10. Hi Susan,
    So inspiring to see your tweaking around your lovely home again. All your finds fit in so nicely and your tweaking perfect.

    Thank you for stopping by. Glad you had some rain. We sure need it here. Right now the outdoor thermometer in my studio is reading 112 degrees. So nice to be inside with the AC. Went out to water already and it's like being in an oven.

    Hugs and blessings my friend,
    Celestina Marie