Sunday, July 10, 2011

Lots of Yard Sale Finds!

Good Evening Bloggers! Where did this weekend go? I did not get anything done this weekend! I was just so tired! I did not enjoy the yard sales this week because of my fatigue. I did manage to find lots of goodies to share!
I hope your week goes well and that you stay in good health!!

I love this china plate. I also got 6 salad plates with it all for 2.00!!

Rhinestone Frog!

I just love this cloche like thingie! I put the frog above inside it! The frog was 1.00 the cloche was 3:00.

I think this black lace purse is so feminine! I want to add something to it , possibly the bow and crown from the photo album below! The purse was a 3.00! Not a great bargain but I loved it!

I love the bow and rhinestone crown on this photo album. I don't like these types of albums but I am going to attach the bow to the purse!

Cute little masquerade mask was 25 cents!

This planter is an FTD. But I love the cardinals on it! It was 50 cents! It will be great to hold candy or ornaments in at Christmas!

Both these pieces the small leaf dish and this kitty candle holder are Lenox.
This little planter is so dainty. I love the little green pearls around the cup.
I got both these pieces for 3.00.

Small Leaf Dish


You all know I love my roosters!! He was 1.00!

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his picture was a 1.o0. It says Early to bed , Early to Rise!


  1. Susan you really did find some great stuff!! Wonderful prices also. I know my favorite is the little Lenox cute! Sorry your fatigue took the fun out of it. I hope you get some rest. This heat has been wearing me out. No yard sales or junkin this weekend for me at all.


  2. Putting the bow-with crown-on the lace purse will be perfection! I also love the lenox kitty! Good job. Feel better.

  3. You always get the best deals! I love the plates and that crown on the album is wonderful!

  4. My goodness, what awesome finds girl...sigh..oh how I miss my weekly yard sale hauls..The funny part is I have people going to yard sales and giving me free stuff..LOL. A co worker has gotten me quite a few times now..(the one that got me the red tea pot and Christmas ornaments video)

  5. You found som ereal bargains, Susan, and so pretty too. My fave is the plates set and the cloche too....Christine

  6. Hello sweet friend! Love all your darling bargains! That purse is divine!

  7. Oh boy, oh boy.....what great treasures my dear. Especially the frog. I love this creature....and LOVE! what you did with it. Perfect.

    Sorry I didn't get around to visiting yesterday, but I'm now catching up.

    WAVE ACTION is my watery link. Do stop by if you have time. And, have a super Wednesday!!!

  8. Love the leaf shaped dish... And those roosters look beautiful.. !!

  9. Great bargin hunter !!
    Susan I am so happy that you found the link I posted on my blog about SLEEP APNEA helpful.
    Hope it works for you.


  10. Great finds!! No yard saling for me as we were out of town but a friend gave me a box of gorgeous linens!! Can't wait to show them off!

  11. Oh Susan, you hit the jackpot again with all these wonderul treasures! And you know me, I just love those dishes!!

  12. Great treasures! I'd love to go yard sale-ing with YOU sometime!

  13. Sweet finds Miss Susan. Thank you for visiting me today. It was a joy to have you.


  14. Hi Susan, hope you are feeling better now and able to enjoy this weekend. I loved those salad plates... for $2 such an amazing deal! and those purses especially that lacey one is so pretty. And I have to say those adorable roosters are the best! Such great finds! Thanks for sharing and for your loving comment on my shabby shelf. Have a nice weekend!~Poppy

  15. Oh my, you found so many fabulous things. I am amazed. Love the vases and planters and the frog is perfect in the box. Great job. Hugs, Marty

  16. Girl you really know how to shop!

    Thank you Susan for your kind words.
    hugs Lynn

  17. Hi Susan, great finds! Looks like you hit the jackpot. I adore the salad, so pretty.

    Thanks always for your kind comments to me.

    Hugs, Barb

  18. First of all, I hope you're feeling better this week and you can get back to having fun:-) Love all your thrifty finds. I think my favorite is the cloche like box, so good for displaying all your treasures.