Sunday, July 17, 2011

Christmas in July and Yard sale finds

Good Evening my friends! We finally had a couple of cool days and was able to sit outside a couple of evenings! Its all suppose to go away by the end of the week. It
is suppose to be back up in the triple digits by the end of the week.
Again it is Sunday night and its the same old story for me, dreading going back to work tomorrow. I am so ready to just be a homemaker and enjoy my new home. But that will not happen for at least five more years. Even then it is questionable , because of this economy and how they keep changing retirement eligibility.
Hope everyone has a wonderful week, I just enjoy so much visiting everyone's blogs and living vicariously through your post!
I love the little peeks you allow into your home, all your wonderful creations and watching daily how your grandchildren are growing and how sweet your pets are!
You all give me such joy in my life and for that I say thank you!!

This is my Christmas in July project! I made it this weekend!

I found this thingie at a yard sale for a 1.00. It was painted an ivory color and looked very dingy. I thought I could brighten it up with some candy apple red paint! I don't know what it is suppose to be used for, but I thought I would use it to hold some of my pretty china cups! If any of my blogging friends know its real purpose please let me know. I will probably still use it as my tea cup holder! LOL


I love this little blue Christmas pillow. It was a dollar!

I love the pastel colors in these little coasters or hot pads. I don't know which they are. They were 50 cents.


  1. You found some great items. I love the teacup holder and I think that is probably what it is for!

  2. Looks like a teacup holder to me! Love all of your finds.
    I always hated Monday when I worked too!

  3. Love your Christmas in July project and your finds are fabulous!



  4. Fun finds Susan! And i agree, I think it is a teacup holder.

  5. Hi Susan, Well, my comment to you just disappeared, not sure what happened, so if you see two, please delete one.
    Anyway, I had said that I loved your Christmas project. So pretty with lovely holiday colors. Your finds are awasome too. Great color for the tea cup rack and the pretty pillow and pastel coasters are darling.

    Glad you have some relief from the heat. I wish we could see some cooler days with rain. We are nearing 3 weeks straight of over 100 + degrees.

    Thank you for stopping by and your sweet comment.
    xo Celestina Marie

  6. I know your heat has been just awful, enjoy the cooler weather while it lasts. Great finds. I love the little plate holder and the way you put the cups on it, just what it's for.

  7. I believe your teacup holder is exactly that! It is perfect! I thought of you today...I have a ladies party to go to Friday...and I thought Susan will get a kick out of hearing about my wanderings!!

  8. I think that cup holder is the most clever of ideas. I looks fabulous with the color you painted it. For a buck.......that's a steal!!!

  9. I love your thingie find! *winks* I ditto that a tea cup saucer holder is just what it is. It's darling! And what a great price too! Vanna

  10. Christmas in July is always such fun... when it's over 110 degrees outside here taking my thoughts away to a cooler time of the year is refreshing. *winks*

    Thanks for stopping by my comforts of Home Post... you scored and made some great Treasures.

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  11. Susan,
    Love your finds, your "tea cup" holder is so cute! Thanks for visiting!

  12. what great finds ~ as usual!
    Have a great weekend.