Tuesday, December 27, 2011

New photos of the grands!

Good Evening Bloggers! Well the Christmas Holiday is over and its back to work tomorrow. I wanted to share the new photos I received via email from Japan.
I tell you seeing Emily eating at a Japanese restaurant breaks my heart! She should have been with the rest of her family her in America opening tons of presents from Santa and eating turkey and ham and all the American fixings.
They were 9 and 7 when their mother kidnapped them and took them to Japan. They are 13 and 11 now.
Finally, the mother is allowing some communication again. She has mood swings and sometimes she cuts our communication completely. I pray for her, and I pray for my grandchildren every day. But it was wrong for her to kidnap the children , just plain wrong.
All I want now is for my grandchildren to live a happy and healthy life. But I have to admit that I want them to live that life here.
I guess I am journaling my feelings right now. So be patient with me.
I am so Thankful to have any communication I can with them.
Have a good week and God Bless!

Emily at Christmas Dinner.


Anthony is the little boy to far left. Emily is about the third girl back on the left!

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Emily doing her thing in Karate!


  1. Journaling my feelings is what I use my blog for. Say what you want to. Bless you and have a wonderful New Year.

  2. They're just adorable! I hope and pray that everything works out for the best :)

  3. Dear Susan, Your grands are adorable and cute as can be. I know your heart is hurting and I pray that God will soften the heart of the children's mother to realize they need to know all their beloved family. Vent all you want dearheart, What are friends for!
    Happy New Year and blessings in 2012.
    Big hugs, Celestina Marie

  4. Great pictures of the grands! You have been busy! Lucky you, a trip to Jamaica! How fun!

  5. I am just so happy for you that you are able to communicate with your grandchildren again, Susan. That must be the best Christmas present ever (or the second best cause the best would be for them to return here) and they are beautiful! Happy New Year! Did you see my post about my brand new grand baby?...Christine

  6. I am so grateful you have these pictures and there is some communication. I hope and pray things continue to improve.

  7. This must be the hardest situation...I'm glad you have established some communication and have some photos. I will keep you in my prayers that you will see them again soon...

  8. My heart aches for you - but at least you know they are healthy and safe - stay positive and on good terms with the Mom so you have communication and photos of these beautiful grandchildren! Wishing you a Happy New Year

  9. My heart aches for you too! It would be so hard to have your grandchildren so far away. At least you are having some communication and pics! Hopefully one day you will get to see them!

  10. Oh dear Susan, I pray you will get your precious GRANDchildren back so they can know their wonderful GRANDmother. So I'm wishing you a blessed New Year with a visit/stay with your GRANDs.

  11. Susan, I can't imagine the pain of being so far from your grandchildren and not being able to see them. I hope 2012 is a great year for you and that the situation improves.

  12. Oh my goodness...they are beautiful and I am so happy for you that you finally heard from them...I know first hand what it feels like to be cut off...what a Happy New Year for you!!

  13. Susan,
    I had no idea that this was going on...please know that I will pray for your family. I hope 2012 will be a great year for ya my friend.


  14. Susan, I cannot imagine how you must feel. I am so very sorry and will pray about this.

    Wishing you many blessings in the New Year!


  15. Susan, so sorry to hear that your sweet grandchildren have been taken so far away. I pray that you will have a renewed relationship with them and that they will return once again to the US.

  16. Midnight on Sunday....Oh Susan, how sad the grandchildren are so far away and under such sad circumstances. I am deeply sorry. But they are darling children. I pray that one day you may reunite.

    Susan, thank you so much for visiting my blog and commenting tonight, too. Susan

  17. Oh sweetie, I just know this has to break your heart into a million piecses. I am thankful that you are able to turn this over to prayer and I also pray that God gives you peace about this as well, remember it is all just part of the journey! Big hugs,

  18. Oh Susan, I am so glad to see you got some pictures! I can only imagine how much sadness you have to deal with knowing your grands are so far away and you can't do anything about it! I hope you have a great first week of the new year!

  19. Hi Susan,
    Stopping back by to thank you for coming over for a visit and your kind encouraging words. Loved seeing your gorgeous grands once again. Wishing you many blessings in the new year with prayers God opens the way to see more and be in touch with your dear loved ones so far away.
    Thank you for your gift of friendship. It means so much.
    Love to you, CM