Sunday, January 15, 2012

Tweaking again!

Good Evening Friends!
Has this week end gone fast or what? I spent most of the weekend purging things out of drawers and closets. I am taking them to Goodwill tomorrow. Is my SUV going to be packed,but lots of junk will be gone. I made a resolution to purge this year. I still have a lot more to do.
Hope you enjoy the photos of my playing around again this weekend. I love to decorate. I just wish I was better at being creative. But I think I do pretty good for someone with no talent. LOL

Here I go again, tweaking the dang entertainment center again. I love the piece it self, but I can not for the life of me get the decorations on top to satisfy me. This is going to have to do for awhile, until I can come up with a better vision, LOL
I know, I know the bowl in the middle is not centered. I fixed it after the photo was taken. I also rearranged the shelves on the bottom. I realized I did not replace the vase I had on the top shelf. I left it setting on the second shelf and took the photo.

I shopped the house for this small lamp. My hubbie has the black speaker boxes and other electrical boxes setting around the family room , on the entertainment center and the kitchen bar. I hate them, but I love the hubbie so I compromise.

I spray painted a wooden square bowl,ORB. Then I turned it over and sat the champagne bucket with flowers on top. I thought it would look better with some height.

From this!

To This!
I found the two old books at yard sale this weekend. They were 50 cents. I removed the large lamps and replace it with this smaller one. The flowers and candlesticks with the birds I kept in the vignette.

This is a little vignette I put together and placed on a trunk I have in the sun room.
The plate I found at a yard sale last summer. The photo is of me and hubby,the first year we went to Jamaica. I was a blond then.
The tea set is one my son brought back from Okinawa when he was stationed there. I cherish it dearly.
The lamp I found at Ole Time Pottery. It had a gold base,and of course the gold had to be replaced with ORB.

This bench was my yard sale find this weekend. When I brought it home it was a beat up brown color, a light maple or something. It was ugly. It also had one of the arms pulled loose from the back and a spindle loose as well. Being the handy man my hubbie is, he fixed the arm and spindle. Then he painted it of course Oil Rubbed Bronze. Not bad for a ten dollar bench eh?
When I brought it home he ask me where did I think I was going to put it in the house. He said somethings gotta go. He brought it into the house and placed it against this wall in the entry way. He said , hey this looks good here. No more talk of me getting rid of something. LOL

Another view of the bench.


  1. Hi Susan-

    Love your new bench! How funny about your husband and forgetting you had to let something go! You remind me of this lady at a yard sale we had. My aunt gave me a broken rocking chair she got while dumpster diving.

    I used it as a garden decoration until I grew tired of it, then put a $1 on it at my yard sale. Everyone laughed about it until I told this woman what I did with it. Suddenly she wanted it.

    Her husband was coming to pick it up later, and you know once that sold sign was on it, everyone tried to buy it out from under her.

    The following year, she came again and told me her husband fixed the broken piece, added a new seat, and painted it. Then it was as good as new.

    I think you are more talented than you give yourself credit for if you can see these broken things for the true potential they can be after the fact!

  2. Hi Susan, your home looks beautiful, your new bench is just soooo pretty :)


  3. Hi Susan,
    I love how you changed up the cabinet and removed one of the lamps. It looks so much better! For the cabinet your struggling with about putting in something very tall on one side, maybe a vase with natural sticks.(ting ting, or contorted filbert) I find giving something some height always helps me!
    In any case have fun!!
    Hugs Lynn

  4. You do more moving around than anyone I know! I should take a lesson from you, I put it and leave it! That bench was a GREAT find! You know how everyone has a word for the year, yours could be PURGE! Now remember, when you take your treasures to the GW, not to come home with as much as you dropped off!


  5. Susan,

    Thanks for your visit and comment. Your tweaks look great. I love the bench.

  6. Nice job with your "tweaking". I love to move things around. I rearranged my living room on Friday and always love a fresh look. I'm your newest follower and I hope you can pop over to Cottage and Creek and follow back. Have a lovely week.

  7. Hello sweetie! I am doing my best to purge, but having flea market booths does not help. LOL. I love how you use different heights in your displays...for spring what about a floral garland underneath the tv?
    Hugs and love your way...

  8. Do you here me screaming from Niagara Falls Canada girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yAAAAAAAAAAAAA..what a find. Hubby did an amazing job. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT....Love the tweaking girl. Great job!

  9. nice post thanks for sharing...blessings..

  10. I really like the bench! What a great find.
    It's always fun to come and see how you've "tweaked", Susan! You sure have some beautiful lamps!

  11. I am all about purging this year my friend! I'm hoping some sweet person will love what's being donated.

    I just LOVE your home.

    I love when you visit me, too!



  12. Great changes - I LOVE the bench and Oil Rubbed Bronze is one of my favorites - It turned out gorgeous! So happy for you!

  13. Hi Susan,
    Everything you redo is gorgeous. I love the bench. What a find that is and you know I love the rubbed oil bronze look. All your tweaks look gorgeous. You just have a great eye for beautiful vignettes. I am purging out lots this year too. If feels great to lighten up.

    XO Celestina Marie