Sunday, January 29, 2012


This was my weekend project. The birdhouse was one that is used as a card collector at a wedding. It was brassy gold, so of course that had to go. I spray painted it with my oil rubbed bronze that I love so much. I can't make a bow. i even watched a you tube video on how to make bows. I could not get how they did the twist thingie. So this is my version of a bow. The roses I had on hand. The berries are some I found at the dollar tree this weekend.,
I put a beautiful rose plate in the bottom of the cage and used the cage to display my Victorian dressed teddy bear. Again I don't know how long this will stay here, but for now here its there in its place of honor, LOL

I am not a photographer. This photo is my attempt to show you how I used the rusty keys. I bought the keys at Kirkland's this weekend.

I did a do over on the vignette on the trunk in the sun room. I put my tea set back in the china cabinet. I bought the fleur thingie at Kirklands this weekend. If you look closely in the box the keys above are in there. The box I made sometime ago. I posted about it already.

My hubby painted the rocking chair a leather brown. It use to be white wicker. We bought it at Lowe's years ago, As you can see the wreath is gone. I put it in storage, will probably try to sell it at the flea market. The picture hanging on the wall behind the rocker is one I had in the poweder room. I re did the powder room this weekend. I will show you the changes in there sometime this week.
I plan to paint the frame of the picture oil rubbed bronze, unless I can find a picture I like better for that wall. I really don't like this picture,


  1. I love when little changes make such a big difference. Everything looks great. Those keys are awesome!!!!

  2. I like that birdcage, Susan. You can do so much with it. I like your vignettes too...Christine

  3. Hi Susan, What a great makeover for the birdcage. The keys in the darling box you created are perfect with the fleur finial from Kirklands. I have not been there in awhile. Looks like you found some great treasures.
    The wicker chair turned out pretty in rubbed oil bronze too. You are like me with changing things all the time. It's fun isn't it?

    Have a great evening my friend.
    XO Celestina Marie

  4. You have been one
    BUSY lady! It is all
    so pretty and fresh
    for the New Year.
    Happy Wednesday
    and thanks for stopping
    by last week!

    xx Suzanne

  5. Love small changes too, and love those keys.