Saturday, February 4, 2012

A small project!

This is what I played with today. I needed a box to store DVD's. So I had an old photo box stored away. It had roosters on it,but the design on the box was ugly even if it had roosters. So this is how I did a re -do on the rooster box. I just love the soft shabby chic look. My living room is traditional, but I added soft touches to soften the dark of the cherry wood. I hope you enjoy looking at these photos. Please leave comments and let me know what you think. Too soft for the entertainment center?

I placed the box on top of the entertainment center. Its centered between to delicate floral plates. I think it adds a little femininity to the dark masculine wood.

This is what the top of the box looks like. The lace circle, I have had on hand for a long time. It had the ugliest plastic roses attached to the center. Well, of course they had to go. I replaced it with some of the roses I used to make my flower arrangement in my last post. I got these roses at the dollar tree, and they have like sugary dew drops. They are so pretty for something that came from a dollar store.
The center rose is one I had in my stash. It has just enough pink to match the scrap book paper I used to cover the top of the box. The lace thingies, I took off a wedding bouquet. I bought the bouquet at a yard sale and of course took it apart. I use the separate pieces in other projects as well.

I glued ecru lace all around the box. I then had an ecru doily so I cut it in half. I glued the doily to the box,just up to where the rim of the box top. On the doily, I glued two roses and two lace thingies. I think the lace at the bottom of the doily is just so pretty.

I put a little cream organza bow on each end of the box. In the center of the bow I placed a cream fabric rose and put a pearl in the center of the rose.This is to hide the ugly handles of the box.

This is the back side of the box. I used the other half of the doily. Put another two roses and the lace thingies. I think it ties is all together nicely.

I am using this box to store my DVD's. I don't think anyone would ever guess that this box stored black plastic ugly...........LOL


  1. What a transformation. It looks very feminine on top of your lovely entertainment unit. Very pretty.

  2. Hi Susan, thank you so much for following my blog and introducing yourself! Your blog is so pretty! xo K

  3. Your box is adorable Susan. So romantic.

  4. It looks very nice. Good job and much better than the roosters. Thanks for finding me today because now I found you back. I am your newest follower. xo Diana

  5. Hello sweet Susan! I love your pretty box, I think it is so much nicer to store your everydays in something pretty! Thank you for your visit! Big hugs,

  6. Hi Susan,

    Well done.

    Perfect for CD's, or keepsakes from a wedding.



  7. I think it looks good on the entertainment center. Love the plates too.

    Thank you for visiting and becoming a follower. I am following you too!

    Have a great week.

  8. How pretty Susan. I love lace and roses, so your box is right up my alley. I don't think it's too frilly for the dark wood. After all, the Victorian style uses darker furniture with lace, so if you like it, I wouldn't keep it there. Now you'll have something that is both pretty and functional.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and enjoying the wreath.

  9. Hi Susan, I just love your box for CD's. What a great idea. The lace and flowers just make it so pretty. I think it is perfect for the top of your entertainment center. Grand makeover once again from your talented hands my friend.

    XO Celestina Marie

  10. Your refashioned box looks very feminine. I think you did a good job.

  11. How darling, I love the white and roses.

  12. Beautiful box, I say leave it right where it is, I think it is perfect!


  13. I like to put anything in something pretty. Your white box definitely adds a nice soft touch to the entertainment center.
    Thanks for visiting me. I'm following back, Mary Alice

  14. Dear Susan...thank you for stopping by again....I really do appreciciate you !
    NO...your LOVELY lace box is perfect where it is...that dark wood did need softening some like you said.
    And what a nice place to store you CD's.


  15. What an amazing re-do!! I love how it turned out. So beautiful, and quite Victorian!!

    WALKING IN SUNSHINE is my Wednesday Link.

  16. Thank You for stopping by my blog and leaving me a sweet comment! I'm now your newest follower :)

    I think you did a really great job on your box! It looks perfect sitting where it is.

    Have a great night!

  17. What a transformation! You certainly thought "outside the box" here! The end product is so sweet and feminine. If you ever want to change it out, it should look nice in many other places in your home. Congratulations on yet another wonderful project.

  18. The box is so pretty and looks great by the sweet dishes on display - I say use it and enjoy it - looks great right there!

  19. Susan I love the transformation. Its simply lovely and the perfect touch Have a wonderful weekend


  20. How pretty! Have a wonderful weekend!...hugs...Debbie

  21. Your box is so pretty and fresh. It's perfect for storing the CDs. Very nice.

  22. I love this idea! And it would make a sweet treasure box, too! I have a box for notes and cards that friends have sent me...I need to decorate it! Thanks for sharing your ideas! ♥

  23. Oh my friend this turned out fab, I love the way you can hide your DVD in such a pretty box.....

    Wishing you a very happy Valentines Day....
    Happy PS....


  24. Thank you for leaving your kind note on my blog. I have spent some time reading your past posts and have to say that you got me in the mood to go garage saleing! You get use out of your finds and enjoy looking at all your projects. This one came out so pretty.