Monday, February 27, 2012

New Pics of the Grands/Yard sale finds!

Good Evening my friends.
I thought I would post my new pics of the grands and my weekend yard sale finds! I can't believe Emily has her hair cut short. She had such gorgeous long hair. She is a beautiful little girl.
Mr. Anthony is as handsome as ever! Gosh I miss them so much!!
Hope everyone has a good rest of the week!!

The Grands!

Mr. Anthony

Miss Emily


I paid 3.o0 each for these two beaded purses. They look vintage to me. I have a passion for beaded purses, or just interesting purses. Someday I will post my collection of purses.

I love that this rose candle holder is done in cream instead of pink. It will fit nicely into a table scape, or just sitting on my coffee table. I don't have any pink in my family or dining rooms. Its mostly creams, and browns. This was 50 cents

This is an Avon bottle. It was 25 cents. As you know I love cut glass.

These two bottles were a quarter each. They will be altered. I always look for things I can alter,

This little spring bucket was 25 cents. I may use it in a spring decoration somehow. But after spring its probably going to get a makeover for my craft room.


  1. Gorgeous grand kids!
    And I love your yard sale finds!

  2. The grands are indeed grand! Great, thrifty finds!

  3. Hi Susan

    your littles are adorable!!! Great finds as well. Oh fun that we all share the same passion


  4. Your grands are GRAND and your tag sale finds are fab! If you lived here we'd surely be junking pals. Vintage Seezstahs! :)


  5. Sweet, sweet and beautiful faces and smiles Susan. Ohhhhhhhhhh, and that AVON bottle, for a quarter? Priceless.

  6. The beaded purses are so pretty! I'll be interested to see how you "alter" the bottles, Susan...

  7. So nice to see photos of your grands, Susan. I knpow you miss them a lot and I am glad they send you pictures at least. They are growing so lovely...Christine