Sunday, April 1, 2012

Tweaking, Yard Sale Finds and my Goodwill Donation Pile.

Okay, for some reason blogger is not letting me post any more pictures. I had some Easter additions I wanted to share. I guess I will do a post on those later in the week.
So for now, I will share some tweaking I have done, and some yard sale finds from this weekends escapade.
Also I have posted a picture of part of my Goodwill donation below. My sweet friend Rose thinks all I do is shop. I wanted everyone to know I do get rid of as much as I bring into the house.
I have another box full upstairs and I am still purging. This has been sitting in my kitchen for over a week. Hopefully, I will get it to Goodwill sometime this week.

Okay this is what I ended up doing with the little wicker piece. I put it in the sun room where I had a trunk. The trunk was taken upstairs and I am storing some fabric inside.
The green vine is real, I purchased it at Walmart in the garden section. I planted it in the little mint green pot I found at a yard sale.

This week end's yard sale finds!!

I thought this gold table topper was pretty! I love the embroidered leaves. I think it will look great on a table this fall. Also, the tassels are looped through a thread on the cloth. They can be removed easily for laundering purposes.

These little birds are a salt and pepper set. I bought them simply because they were birds.

I always buy turtles when I see them, at 10 cents who could pass this little guy by. I put them around my bushes outside in the Garden.

I do not know if this is a napkin or a bandanna. I love the blue and white. It reminds me of something I saw on Decorating on a Budget. A decorator took denim squares and put a stencil on top. She then sprayed some kind of special bleach on the square. When it dried it looked similar to this square.

I love the turquoise bottom on this candle thingie. I plan to use it in a vignette after Easter somehow. I will keep you posted on how I choose to display it.

Why does anyone buy one little pink glass. Because its pink of course! I do not think it is depression glass. But it will fit in with the other depression glass I do have.

I have a tea set that matches this teacup and saucer. The cup was glued to the saucer when I found it at a yard sale. I brought it home and put it in the dishwasher with my other dishes. When the load was done, the tea cup and saucer was separated. That suited me just fine!

This is the plate that matches the bowl below! I just had to have it! Simply because it said chocolate!

This is something that I really did not need. Its a bowl and plate that has chocolate written on the side of the bowl and on the plate. The plate is above!

Part of my Goodwill Donation!

Hey Rose, see I do give away too, I don't just shop all the time......LOL


  1. I'm glad you enjoy garage sales and give some thing another life. Your finds are lovely.

  2. You did very well with the finds,I love the blue birds and the pink glass. I collect pink glass too.

    You sound like me. I go into a thrift shop to take a box of unwanted bits and pieces and come out with another. :) I even bought back 3 saucers that I had originally gifted once.

    Thank you for your visit and for following,and for your kind comments. I am now following back.
    You are my 80th follower.

  3. You're like shop...fill your life with treasures found while shopping, then...eventually run out of room and donate...only to go back and shop for more treasures.

    You and me...we're kindred spirits.

  4. You sound like me with books ..... Hey, for all I buy I do give some away!! LOL!!
    Have a Great Week!!

  5. It looks like you found some fun things there. Cute little pink glass. I love the little bird S&P shakers, too. And...just think now you can buy MORE stuff after your GW donation! xo Diana

  6. What a nice garage sale you had! I love how you've reporpused your finds...really nice Beth. I love to donate, either to my daughter's or others and than I go out and shop..geezz! HAPPY EASTER for you and yours.

  7. I do the same thing Susan, give away things then find things I just have to have! great finds this week. the cloth with leaves is my favorite!
    hugs Lynn

  8. You really DO find some of the sweetest things, Susan! And there DOES come a time when you have to get rid of stuff, too. (How WELL I know!)

  9. Hi Susan...

    Wow...your treasure finds are all GREAT! I love the glass candleholder with the aqua bottom! Ohhh...and I love, love, LOVE the beautiful embroidered leaves scarf! You're will be fabulous for a bit of autumn decor! Thanks for sharing all of your new pretties with us! I had to laugh when I read about and seen the "donation" box. I really do need to go through some of my things. I'm running out of places to put things. Hehe!

    I'm so happy that you stopped by my place! Thank you for the sweet note that you left for me. I'm delighted that you are now following Happy To Design! Looking forward to getting to know very nice to meet you, Susan!

    Warmest spring wishes,

  10. Hi Susan, What wonderful finds you found once again. I love the chocolate plate. Like you, I give away a bunch and seem to always replace it with something else. Oh well, that's the fun right?
    Hugs from Texas, Celestina Marie