Sunday, July 4, 2010

I double posted this picture of my Ross finds!! I took the day off Friday and went shopping. I went to Hamricks and bought some beachware and dress clothes for work. I will spare you those pictures. I also on my outing stopped at Goodwill and Rosses. I will show you those finds.
I bought all this for 11.oo at Ross. They were on the clearance rack. 5.o0 for the soup bowls and 6.00 for the four salad plates!! The cup was 3.99. I have another cup just like it!! I love the roses on these dishes.
I found these two vases at Goodwill for a 1.91 each. The one on the left is a Phatzgraph ( how ever you spell it). The second one is a FTD, I decided this vase was too little girlish and I am really trying to pair down what I buy. So I put it in the garage sale pile I have started. I hate when I spend money for something and then decide not to use it.
These three plates were 3.92 at Goodwill. I love their delicate floral look and their pale blue color. I can see mixing them with other china of similar colors.
This is the dinner plate.
The Marking on the bottom of the plates state they are Mikasa.
I found these two moss rose plate and salad plate at Goodwill for 2.92. I am adding it to the set I already own.
I have a set of this moss rose pattern! Its easily found at yard sales and thrift shops.
This is two of three plates I found at Goodwill. I just love them with their floral centers!
I found the plate above with two others at Goodwill for 3.92. They are melomine plates. I love the scalloped edges with the blue trim!! Of course this one has my favorite color rose, pink.
What I like about this plate is the yellow rose in a bouquet with a daisy and other flowers.

This is the third of the three plates I found at Goodwill. I love the daisy in the center as the focal flower.

I found this little bunny at a yard sale for 50 cents. I bought him as an example of how to use my empty thread spools. I see him produced on a large scale with larger spools.


  1. those plates with the blue border are adorable!

  2. Love all the floral plates!
    :) Michelle

  3. I so love roses...and dishes with roses is high on my list. Beautiful. The bunny IS adorable also.

    LEGEND OF MARY'S BEAN is my Friday blog.

    Have a great weekend.

  4. Oh, the plates are just beautiful! thank you for sharing!
    Have a wonderful weekend~

  5. Once again, beautiful finds! I love pretty dishes, too. Especially dishes with roses! Hope all your dreams come true with the house decision and the retirement!

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  6. What beautiful finds! Good job!