Sunday, July 11, 2010

Yard Sale Finds!!

Good Evening friendly bloggers. This weekend has surely passed by fast. The good news is that I don't go into work tomorrow. I am on jury duty all week. I know it sounds silly to want to spend my time in court. But it will be a nice change from counseling, it will give my brain time to refresh for next week.
We continue to look at new homes. We have to sell our current home first. In this market it may take a long while. I have been busy de junking to get it market ready. We are going to paint it all a nice neutral beige. I am buying new artwork for the walls that are little more traditional.
As much as I love the Romantic look , not all buyers like the cluttered look. So we need to make our space seem as if its has lots of room.

I have posted some of this weekends yard sale finds. I did not buy alot, because we are de junking. But I can never pass by pretty teacups and saucers.


  1. Before blogging I never stoped to look at fine china and tea pots and the like. Now I own several and find myself admiring more.
    Yours are quite beautiful.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog, I love your rosy tea cups and saucers
    Ann x

  3. Hello sweets! I love your pretty teacups! You need a flea market booth I am tell you! That picture you picked up would sell like hotcakes in my neck of the woods, so would the teacups. I am glad you are getting a break...I went to college for elem ed...always thought counseling would be really neat, now i am a mommy/junk hauler who knew???!! Giggle, thanks for stopping by. Have a blessed day,