Sunday, July 18, 2010

Yard sale and Good Will finds!

Good Afternoon Bloggers! I hope everyone had a beautiful Sunday! I have been packing dishware and other items we don't need to live on until we sell our house. We rented a storage building an put all our unneeded furniture there and all the boxes we have packed.
I am so excited, but my husband and I both feel it will take a while to sale our current house. There are several in the neighborhood for sale, the Market is not great right now. But we plan to sell ,it takes the time it takes.
I have been keeping my junkin down to a minimum because of the plan to move. But I told my husband I had to still feed my addiction to yard sales. LOL

Say a prayer that our house will sell soon. I have to go back to work tommorrow. It does not seem as hard since I now have a number of years that I can retire. About four years and that can pass pretty darn fast. Unless of course your waiting to retire and then it goes as slow as Christmas turkey! LOL


  1. It's all about timing when you sell a house. Such a pain. Good luck and a prayer's coming in your direction. Mimi

  2. Oh sweetie, I pray your house sells! Your treasures as always are darling! Lots of prayers and hugs!
    Your friend,