Saturday, August 20, 2011

Projects! Yard Sale Haul, Rite Aid Haul, Kirkland Hall!

Good Afternoon bloggers.
I am sitting her watching Fright Night 2 and updating my blog! This has been a long and emotional week for me at work. I will not go into the details. I needed some things to distract my mind from thinking too much!
I cleaned house after I came home from yard saleing. I feel so much better when it is all clean and beautiful!
I hope every one is having a great weekend! I can't wait to see everyone's new finds! I noticed the best things I did not post. LOL I will post them later this week,so for now you get to see these.

I worked on these late last night! I could not sleep, so this is what I created. I don't know what to do with them now that I have made them. LOL

Yard Sale Finds!

Another baby hanger. 25 cents!!

This cream colored tote it large! Its made very well. It is also a bath and body works bag!! I can always use totes!

Brand new NASCAR frame. A gift for my son!

This Thanksgiving Tablecloth was a dollar. It fits my dining room table!!

This little piece of pottery is Roseville. It has my first name on it "Elizabeth". I had to get it just for that reason.

There are six of these napkins. I got all six for a buck!

This little silver piece needs some love, but I thought it was cute.

Both of these were 25 cents! The little rust colored bag is a Bath Body works bag. It has the look that is perfect for fall! Of course it will get a little bling added to it, to enhance its cuteness.

Family Dollar Haul!

These two little fall leaf dishes were a dollar!

Kirkland Haul!

I saw this little rooster and I knew it had to be mine!! Its red of course! Also I bought these two little fall silver ware holders. I thought I could try to make some similar and have enough for a whole set. I think they are so cute!

Rite Aid Haul!

I saw these same candle votives at Marshall's for 5.00. They had 50% off these at Rite Aid so I bought them for 2.00. I just really think they are so pretty, with all the glitter and the fall leaves.


  1. Susan you found some great deals and I love seeing all the Fall items. I think we are all getting ready for a little cooler weather.

  2. I'll be back to comment again but I wanted to say I will NOT let my hubby see this post..JEFF BABY!! Oh my goodness 24..hubbies man!! lol

  3. Oh my, you sure did get some amazing deals Susan..great stuff. I too had one of those days at work....well week....building character is what I keep reminding myself and also keeping my mouth shut so I don't tell someone off..blush b

  4. You found some wonderful treasures. I love the little candle votives.

  5. What a great haul... and thanks for stopping by with your sweet words... I have been intentionally giving overdoses of Eye Candy... so that everyone could experience some of what it was like. I just Love your Wallpaper on the Blog, if I could find actual Wallpaper like that I'd cover my Bedroom with it... Red and Velvet is so sexy don't you think? *winks*

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  6. Good deal on those purses you found!!

    Sweet little Fall things too.

    blessings and have a great week!
    barbara jean

  7. Susan, You certainly racked up on your shopping trip. You got so many interesting things I can't decide which I like best. I love the napkins and the little piece of silver and I am loving the rooster big time.
    You display things so beautifully on the lace cloth. I need to find something pretty to photograph on.
    I hope this week has been a better one for you.
    Blessings, Ginger