Monday, August 22, 2011


Good Evening Blogging Friends! I certainly hope everyone is having an awesome Monday! Life is too short to allow one day go by without appreciating its beauty. It sometimes hard to recognize what a good and awesome God we have in a world that appears as if nothing good happens any more!
We have to take the time and look for the beauty in all things, and understand that God in his infinite wisdom has a plan and a reason for all things. Even the bad.
I wanted to share with you the projects I have been working on this weekend. Actually I finished the Hat Box about 12:30 AM last night.
I find that if I create a little bit of beauty , then the world is a brighter place for me. It is so healing to my soul and body to spend time in my craft room and enjoying what God has blessed me with.
Hope you enjoy!!

When I altered this band box I decided to embellish it as a Victorian Hat Box. With Roses, satin bows, lace and pearls.I think it turned out really pretty. When I was creating the alterations to this box, I thought of my sweet friend Olivia at Olivia's Romantic Home. This is the same direction she would decorate a box like this With all the pinks and lace!!

I added a couple of muted green bows and the same muted roses from the top.

I put pink pearls and a pink rose bud to the center of the little crocheted doiles.

Do you remember posting about this container as part of last weeks garage sale haul.?

I painted the outside of the container with Acrylic craft paint. The color is called Linen. I modged podged some blue gingham like scrap book paper and glued on some of my Jamaican sea shells. It matches our blue guest bathroom. I added some blue face cloths so my guest can find them easily when they visit.

Do you remember this little rust colored bath and body works bag. Well I did a little embellishing!

It now looks like this!


  1. You've been a busy lady. Everything looks great.

  2. I find myself getting carried away with my projects too. Before I know it, it's after midnight and I'm still going. Very pretty box! Great job.

  3. You were busy, what fun I love it all, the box and purse are gorgeous!


  4. Hi Susan,
    You are so very right about life in your words above. Beautifully said my friend.
    I just love your redesigns. The hat box is so pretty and I just love what you did with the little bucket. Darling idea for it. Love the little Bath and Body Works bag. You sure have been busy creating and enjoying life. You are so blessed with talent and it shows in your excitement to create.

    XO Celestina Marie

  5. You can transform anything and make it look like a million dollars!

  6. I love love love your redesign my friend! Amazing talent you have my friend. Love the BB Bag!

    You've been a busy girly! I just love popping in and seeing what you are up to!



  7. {{{Susan}}} Long time, no see!! I so enjoyed seeing you stop by and visit-----and your post with all your goodies and decor is, once again, outstanding. Love the lace and what you've done with all the items. You go girl!!!

    Gulf Waters

    Hope your week is off to a grand beginning!!

  8. The hat box is pretty!! But, I love the little pail idea. How cute is that? Adorable. Hugs. Tammy

  9. I know exactly what you mean about needing to create! Your treasures turned out beautifully!

  10. Wow Susan, you have been busy! The hat box is so pretty and the upgrade of the purse is so lovely! The little metal bucket it turned out wonderful!

  11. Susan, I agree with your comments in the first part of the post. So true.Your projects are so pretty and creative. Thanks for stopping by for a visit.

  12. Susan, You are a precious woman of God. I would say that he has blessed you with talent in your crafting and with your daily life.
    The hatbox is absolutely beautiful. I love all that you have done. The little bucket is so neat. Love what you did with it. Have a wonderful weekend.
    Blessings, Ginger

  13. Hi Susan, I'm so happy you stopped by. You are a talented crafter. It is so true that creating is good for you body and soul. Thanks so much for the kind words on my blog. Please visit often.

  14. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm sorry that work has been stressful for you, and hope things will get better for you soon. Also glad you seem to have a good attitude about it all. You sure have been busy with your crafts. I love the pastel colors of the box and the creative touch you gave to the pail. Have a great weekend!


  15. Hi Susan, I loved the container very charming, beautiful work you did!

  16. Good morning from Lebanon counties Amish community. Richard from Amish Stories.

  17. Susan, you have SO much fun with all the things you find at your sales. You amaze me with your creative energy.


  18. Hi Susan,
    So enjoyed to view your pretties again and be inspired.
    Thank you for stopping by for tea today.
    Hope you did okay through the hurricane and storms. Blessings for a wonderful midweek!
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  19. Susan you have been a busy bee with all your projects!! They look great!

  20. I like it all - especially the little orange bag. And Susan, keep up the exercise! (Sure wish I had a close place to swim....)