Saturday, August 13, 2011


Good Morning bloggers!
I haven't did a new post for awhile now. Last weekend I found absolutely nothing at yard sales. This week, I found some things, but nothing really special. But I thought I would share my finds with you friends!!
I hope everyone is doing well. I have not been myself lately. I have been struggling with my health. When I struggle with my breathing and other health problems I get depressed. I don't know why. But I lose interest in doing anything.
I am finally feeling like myself again!! So thought I would do a new post! Hope you enjoy!

I paid two dollars for this new sketch pad. I have a book that teaches how to draw a rose. I am bound and determined to learn to paint and draw roses.

This little hanging pail was 25 cents. It was a bath and body works thingie. I will paint it blue and put it in my guest bathroom to store face cloths.

Christmas sock, and hat for fifty cents!

The basket, the liner and the grass was all for 1.50.

This little doily was free!! I love free!

This fall arangement was 50 cents. It will get a do over.

This little bowl was 25 cents. I will use it to store beads in.

I bought this Foot Prints in the sand for 2.00. It will be a Christmas gift. My family likes my yard sale gifts. I also get them new things too!

These two ladies were 25 cents. I will most definitely paint them. But I need help ,if anyone could offer suggestions on what to use them for and how to paint them~

This little green spoon rest was 25 cents.

I just loved this little frame! It was a quarter!

All these Christmas gift bags and tags were 50 cents!

All this was 25 cents. I buy cards and note cards when I see them. Some I use for their purpose. Others I use in my scrap booking.

I paid way too much for this little guy. But he was just too cute to pass up. I paid 2.00 for him.

These were all 25 cents. I love those little baby planters!! I grab them when I see them. I often make arrangements in them for baby showers and gifts!

These were 25 cents. I love Christmas pins and these are snow flakes. I collect little baby hangers. I hope to make some heirloom baby items and sell them on etsy someday.

Twilight book 50 cents

I paid 50 cents for both these shirts. They are just the right size for my little grandsons.

I got all these kitchen utensils thingies for 25 cents

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  1. I think you found lots of cute and useful things!! Good prices for sure. You can't beat yard sales for thrifty finds.

  2. I checked out a few of your posts and girl, you've got some awesome stuff..WOW..the footprints is just gorgeous as a gift..I can relate to when feeling sickly, and than getting depressed and not wanting to do anything....I loved the tweaking you did..oh my, that cabinet in the hallway is just divine girl!!

  3. Wow, you made up for not finding anything the week before. I always pick up gift bags when I see them at yard sales. Glad to hear you're feeling a bit better:-)

  4. I am so anxious for it to cool down and there to be more garage sales. I did go and got a couple of things. Have a good weekend and continue to feel better!!

  5. Great finds!! Look like you had lots of fun.

  6. Hi Susan, I sure wished you lived close then I could help you learn to paint a rose. Drawing them is a very good start! XO Christie

  7. My goodness, Susan! You sure hit the jackpot! I hope you can figure out how to paint/adapt the items you mentioned. (I'm not very creative like that.)

    I'm sorry that you haven't been feeling so well and hope that your health will improve soon.

  8. you always seem to find great things! I bet your out today too, can't wait to see what you found!
    hugs Lynn

  9. Hi Susan!
    I'm so sorry to hear that you've been feeling under the weather. I know how hard it can be to want to "share" when you're not well. I hope you're doing much better now and will continue to do so.
    You my friend are a thrifty queen!
    I can't believe the deals you get! And FREE was indeed a wonderful price on that beautiful piece!*winks*
    And I'm so with you in wanting to learn how to paint roses! I go over to Christie Repassy's blog and I could cry from all the beau-tay! *winks* So high five *slap* for us learning to do that! Vanna