Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Good Evening bloggers!
I hope everyone is having a great week! I know people are struggling with this heat. I worry so much about our elderly here in South Carolina who do not have air conditioners,or do not use their air conditioners because of the high cost of electricity.
I am thankful that God has blessed me to have more than the comforts in life!! I think sometimes we or I forget how much I truely have in comparison to others. Or I just take it for granted.
May the Lord Bless you and keep you! May the lord shine his light upon you and give you Peace!


This was a project I worked on over the weekend. This piece of MDS board was in the box with our treadmill we bought. So , me being don't throw any thing out if you can use it, came up with this idea.
I had all this scrap book flowers on hand so I used them for this project. Also the trim I had as well. The little brow heart at the top I cut from a botched embroidery project. The photo of the girl was a photo from a new frame. It was the display picture they used to show you how a picture of a person would look in the frame. So on this project, I used up, repurposed and recycled. I think I did good! Whatcha think? The picture of the girl looks wrinkled in this photo for some reason. It is not wrinkled in real life............I don't know why.

Yard sale finds!!

This little rose tea cup nite light was 50 cents

These two plates were 75 cents for the scalloped one and 50 cents for the other one.

I have had questions about where and what I do with all the stuff I buy at yard sales. Well, I do enjoy shopping and yard sales. But I have a rule, for as much as I bring in, I try to donate that much out. I usually keep a a couple of boxes available. When I clean I try to find ways to purge! These are my purge boxes that are going to Good Will. I place things in these boxes until I get them full and off they go to Goodwill. They are sitting in my guest room right now. Usually I keep the boxes in my storage space upstairs and just add to them as I find things. I also have a bag of clothing in my bedroom closet to go to Good Will as well.


  1. Susan, You find the best buys! I wish I was as lucky!

  2. Thank you Susan for your prayers and encouragement. Today was difficult. I won't say it wasn't. But, I so want to be faithful to my Lord, even in the difficult days. For today, I feel well.
    And you do find the best stuff!!

  3. This heat seems to be never ending.Mom is 85 and her central air went out. Hopefully they will have the repair completed tomorrow.
    I love your cute project! I cycle things in and out of Goodwill too. Have a good week,

  4. Good finds, and what a great plan for Goodwill Boxes


  5. Hi Susan, really nice finds. I hope you have some great luck this weekend.


  6. I saw on the news that some elderly without a/c have their homes heat up to well over 100 degrees. It makes me so sad. Hopefully we will cool down soon. Your project is lovely. :)

  7. Hi Susan,
    Your new creation is lovely. You are so creative finding ways to use materials in different ways. Your new finds are awesome too and I also do the same with Good Will donations.
    I too worry about the elderly in my area without AC. I even saw on the news the some elderly had their air conditioner stolen. How awful is that? So many need our prayers.

    Thank you for stopping by and your kind comment and best wishes in my giveaway.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  8. Oooohhhh! I love that pretty picture you created and that nighlight and plates are so sweet! I have two teacup nighlights and I just adore them! Way to go, I'm going to donate too!

  9. The heat has been very terrible! Great creation and great giving thought! I hope all goes well!

  10. Thanks for your visit...you have found some very cute things, love the sweet little girl! ;D

  11. Susan,
    I applaud you for recycling and re-purposing! Very clever! And I love your yard sale finds. Isn't it fun!


  12. Beautiful BEAUTIFUL creation, Susan! You amaze me.

    I have the same rule on buying. Must purge for everything I bring in!