Friday, March 5, 2010

Church Sale Finds

This little doily was only ten cents!!
A bag full of crafting supplies for a 1.00
These two little pillow forms were 50 cents each. You know how I love to make pillows! So these will be put to good use!
These are decorative leaves. Does anyone have any idea what I can do with these. They were 50 cents. I knew I would use them someway!
These decals were only 1.00 . I don't know what I will do with them just yet.
oops I double posted the table runner!
This white piece is a table runner. I will embroider something on it after I get it cleaned up. It was only 25 cents.
This sea foam green piece of sily material was only 25cents!!


  1. awesome craft supplies. I love the runner that you can stitch onto. Yes...believe me....hubby wants me to get rid of a bunch of cr@p around here before I should be hauling more in. :)

  2. I just love church sales. Greatest finds at them! Yes, I remember that I was your first follower! I hope you have a great weekend.