Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Goodwill, AC Moore finds and Embroidery Projects!!

Another view of the pink hat!!
Pink hat I found at Goodwill, 3.93. I just love it!! My favorite color Pink!
My half price AC Moore Easter Towells. 1.99. Aren't they cute?
My AC Moore polka dot easter bunny!
Another 70 % off Valentine AC Moore find!
70 % off Valentine Hearts I found at AC Moore. I am going to send Hugs and Kisses to my Grandchildren in Japan!!
This is a neck scarf I found at Old Navy and I embroidered it for my daughter. Her name is Melissa and she is the tax CPA for some of the large horse farms in Ky. Hence the horse picture!!

These are some flower sack towels I embroidered for my daughter. Her kitchen has a mexico theme!


  1. Those towels are wonderful, great job! And I need that polka dot bunny to go with my pink polka dot dishes! I hope my AC Moore still has one!

  2. Gorgeous. I think these are just so pretty. Thanks so much for sharing and for joining the party. Hugs, Marty

  3. Great finds and you do beautiful embroidery work too! Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  4. Oh...I love that pink hat with the netting!!! Great finds.

  5. That is a gorgeous hat...and what a price!

  6. Love the hat. The towels are so cute. Great deals. You must be an expert at embroidery. They look so professional.

  7. I like that neck scarf, with horse picture. The embroidery was very nice and precise. It's great!
    Bordado Punto de Cruz!