Monday, March 15, 2010

Yard sale and Goodwill finds.

This tray was 50. cents. It has very little tarnish on it so I am thinking it is not silver. Its proably galvanize aluminum or something. There is no markings on the back.
These two cream colored stockings were 25. cents each. I will embroidery some design on them. I always look for things I can transform with my embroidery.
I went to Relay for life yard sale this past Saturday and found this heart box with the note cards. It was marked for 3.00 but when I went to pay I had about six other items and she only charged me 4.00. There was a smaller one there but I didn't take it because it was marked for 2.00. Had I known she would give me a bargain I would have gotten that one too. I guess that sounds pretty greedy. Really I am a generous person. I give as much as I get.
I love this little bunny pillow! It was a yard sale find for .50 cents. It matches the decor in my living room. I plan to use him even after Easter.
This isa twin bedskirt. I am going to repurpose it for a skirt for my wicker sofa in the sunroom. It will hide my decorative boxes that hold my crafting supplies. I found it for 3.00 at a little thrift store down the street from me. I bet you thought I was gonna say Goodwill , didn't ya??
I collect sheets with Roses on them!! I use them sometimes for other things rather than sheets, some I use as sheets. I found these at Goodwill for 3.92.
A white eyelet lace pillow case for .99 cents. You gotta love Goodwill!
These are Martha Stewart curtains I found at Goodwill a week ago. They were a mere 2.92. I am going to hang them on my Sun Room Sliding Glass door. I think they will fit. I am spring up the Sun Room. I am looking for a shabby chic computer desk and white desk for my sewing machine. My sunroom is also my studio.
This is a little easter decoration that was 25 cents. I could not pass it up. It was a bunny and it was pink. Nuff said.
This is an up close picture of the bowl.

I scored this little baby at a yard sale this past Saturday for a mere 2.00. It is about 10 inces tall and the bowl is about 14 inches wide. It is two pieces the pedastal detaches from the bowl. If anyone knows what this milk glass piece is to be used for please let me know. But I can imagine all sorts of creative uses for it, especially at Christmas time. I almost missed it, it was buried in a box under a table. I have to remember to dig in the boxes at yard sales. I generally do not take the time.


  1. I love the tray and bowl! Great finds!

  2. Girl, all I can say is I'm green with envy, lol, you scored big time love all of your great finds. I really love anything with pink roses on it too. The little bunny is adorable.
    The bowl is just great.
    I love Goodwill.

  3. Wow! Don't you just love getting such's getting to where I cannot wait until Saturday! We went to Goodwill Monday and it was great. I seem to have good luck getting frames...good ones and pictures..which I don't need..but they are to great of quality to pass up...and I love to change things out. One more day...and off we go with a pancake breakfast afterward.
    Isn't life grand? :)
    I loved everything you got. Especially the white bowl!

  4. Yes, my hubby was cheated from knowing grandparents also. My g'pas both died the same year so my boys got cheated out of them. I love all your finds!! Esp the linens and that huge bowl.