Sunday, March 28, 2010

I found all these little items at the yard sales this weekend as well. The Santa Clause salt and pepper shakers were a dollar. The little salt and pepper caddy was a dollar. the black canister was .10, it will go to my daughter. The alabaster vase was 50 cents.

This little frame was .25 cents. It was originally a gold color. My magic spray paint can turned it into this gem!!
I scored this cabinet at a yard sale this weekend for 4.oo. I have been finding good furniture for 4.o0 lately, I don't know why. It seems my yard saling goes in themes for awhile. Anyway, this cabinet has a TJ Max sticker on the bottom for 60.00 originally but when this person bought it was marked down to 49.00.
This round neck travel pillow was 2.50 at Target. I will turn into a shabby chic pillow. I never leave things the way they look originally.
This is my haul from the Target dollar bin. I don't have a little girl but I can your the pretty bows on my craft projects. I can wear the Easter Egg socks and display the little pink gloves in a basket!
I made this little pillow out of some scrap fabric I had. I try to use every piece of fabric, I don't like to waste anything.
I made this chili pepper pot holder for my daughter.


  1. I need to go garageing with you! I have been looking for a little cabinet like that for about 2 years!! Great finds!

  2. Ok. First of all, where do you live that you have these sales all the time?? We have only about 4-5 good monthes for them.
    2nd - I am a giver, not a taker but I have to tell you that if you do not GIVE me that red cabinet, I will have to come over there and TAKE it.

  3. Hi Susan! As usual your creations are beautiful...I can't believe that wonderful cabinet for $4.00!!!

    Thanks for the visit, Karen

  4. Hi Susan
    LOVE that cabinet with the drawers! I just love drawers...will you keep it red?

  5. Hi Susan!

    Oh what a great find in that cute red cabinet!! Way to go thrifting!