Tuesday, April 20, 2010

This is one of my knock out roses in full bloom!! Last year the blooms were really tiny. This rose is huge!! Thats our house and my hubby coming out of screened in porch!


  1. Susan, Your garden is fabulous and lucky you to have a husband that likes to work in it. Just keep the garden shears away from him. I am so happy you dropped by and thanks so much for the sweet note you left.

  2. Susan, your yard is just beautiful, I love my Knock out roses, I posted about them today.
    Your 2 ducks are just so funny. I have a squirrel that is very protective of our bird feeders, but he doesn't try to eat at them, just doesn't let other squirrels near.

  3. Hi Susan! (We write back and forth so much, I feel like we are picking up the phone to say, "Hey") I just love the yard and garden...never mind your whimsical ducks. Your season is so far ahead of ours...so wonderful to see! Many Smiles, Karen

  4. Susan...you are always SO faithful to come to my blog and post..and I appreciate YOU so much for that.

    I just had to drop in and say my husband did the very same thing with a lot of plants in our garden in Indiana....when he first started being our "gardener".... he has learned.
    Because, since moving to Texas...he has been the one to plant everything...so he remembers NOW !!!

    Sure like the looks of your garden.

    Hope you have a good day..we are going to be entertaining again for the next few days.

    Love, Rose