Sunday, April 18, 2010

Goodwill , Yard Sale finds , and Playing House!

Good Evening my blogging buddies. It has been a beautiful day here in South Carolina. I spent the day embroidering and playing house.
Below I have posted some pics of me rearranging things in my kitchen. I had a little jelly cupboard in there but decided I am going to paint it white and use in my sunroom. In its place I put the cabinet that I bought at yard sale. I did some rearranging of my pretties I had on my table and then added some others and put them on the shelves of the cabinet. It is so fun playing house. I wish I didn't have to work , I would play house all the time.
Yeah I know I am whining about going to work again on Monday.

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  1. Monday's aren't the best...for me it means another load of homework is coming my way! But thankfully my college classes are done for the week by Wednesday. :)