Tuesday, April 20, 2010

George and Baxter and Flowers and my hubby the gardner!

Good evening! I took a sick/mental health afternoon off work today. I spent the afternoon swinging in our outdoor swing and taking pictures of our flowers.
I am struggling these days with wanting to work. I love what I do with my clients. I love helping people, but after 25 years I am ready to look at flowers and sew and play house.
Hope you enjoy your visit here, come back real soon. And if your not a follower please feel free to add your blog to my list.
Oh and I am going to start gathering stuff for a give away, because I have over 100 post now, or I should. So be watching for it and put your name in the drawing!!


  1. I've been there before, so glad to be retired and can do what ever I wish all day.

  2. Oh sweetie I am so happy you took some time for yourself to rest. I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your sweet comments, they mean alot to me as I am going through some family stuff right now and painting and blogging have become my outlet.
    Many hugs and happy friday,