Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Baxter and George are taking leisurely afternoon nap under the holly tree. These ducks are so funny. The will eat out of our hands, they lay at my husbands feet while he swings in the swing, and they run any other ducks out of the yard when they appear. We have alot of ducks that try to come up to the bird feeder but Baxter and George go into full fledged battle when they try to enter the yard.

The large azalea bushes in bloom!
The small azalea bushes are in full bloom!
Some pink flowers in the garden. For the life of me I can' t remember what they are called. Its right on the tip of my tongue but just won't come out.
There's the hubby again doing his thing. Its a joke between us when we first moved to South Carolina he would go out to the garden and anything he didn't recognize as a flower he took the shears and cut it down. That year he ended up cutting down all my perennials that were just coming up through the earth . I could of whacked him. LOL
Oh , that is my husband behind the tree!! He is the main gardner since I work all the time.
This is my rose colored iris. The garden looks a little sparse because all my bulbs have not come up yet.
A picture of my purple Iris, and some purple pansies beside the Iris. The pansies will die soon because the heat here is ferocious on flowers.
This is a better view of my knock out rose in full bloom. Disregard my hand in the picture. The wind was blowing so I had to hold the rose steady to get the picture.


  1. Hi Susan!

    Your flowers look beautful. We have probably another 3-4 weeks before we can plant due to weather here in Michigan. I guess I will just have to admire yours until then!

  2. Hi Susan... Your garden is looking lovely! Roses already I have quite awhile to wait! I think the pink flowers are snap dragons? I heart your duck couple! That is priceless!
    Have a Great Weekend and enjoy your lovely garden:-)

  3. I so love all the flowers. I too have the itch each season to work in the flower gardens we have. Your yard is a treasure trove of beauty!!

    I've been a domestic goddess this week ...making new SOUTHWEST CURTAIN TIE-BACKS Stop by for a visit and viewing if you can find time! Have a great weekend.