Sunday, April 4, 2010

Yard Sale Finds!!

There were alot of yard sales this weekend. My finds seem to all be dishes. I found a few other things in which I will post later.
I hope everyone had a happy Easter. So Monday is coming soon, and my depression has set in. But I only work three days this week. On Thursday I am driving to Virginia to visit my son. We are attending a meeting in Washington about Asian children who have been abducted by their Asian parents. My grandchildren were taken to Japan by their mother without permission of my son or the the law. My son has total custody in the United States. Japan does not recognize that law however, so my son cannot just go and get them. This has happened to alot of parents and grandparents. Its sad because we wanted the children to have both parents, but she didn't want that to happen.


  1. Thanks for your visit and good advise...cute ducks hare and dishes..:D

  2. Oh, I do wish you all the best in bringing your Grandchildren home. I remember hearing on the news about a father who went through the very same thing just recently. He said that it is happening alot. It's truly an awful situation. On a high note, your ducks are adorable!!

  3. Love your plates! Will be thinking of you with your grandchildren so far away!...hugs...Debbie