Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Question for my decorating friends.

Is it okay to decorate with mercury glass all year long.  I have  posted pictures of my mantle and how I decorated it.  Please give me your opinion.

I had these mercury glass pieces up through Christmas. I took away all the ones that had snow flakes or some kind of Christmas decor. I just love the look of silver in our family room. We have a gray sofa and the mercury glass looks really pretty in this room.

I bought the hydrangeas on after Christmas clearance. They have pearls and glitter on their petals. But I did not think you would have to use them specifically for Christmas. I like pearls and glitter all year round.
I also decorated the credenza behind the sofa with silver and mercury glass. I made the table runner. I just loved the color of the fabric.

I made some pillows from the same fabric that I made the table runner.


  1. I love Mercury glass, as well. It is glittery for the holidays, but I definitely think it can be used all year. If you want to tone down the shiny, sparkly look, maybe add some other accessories with textures such as ceramic, clear glass, metal, etc.

  2. They look wonderful in your home all year, not only for Christmas. The pillows are just gorgeous.

  3. It looks great and is beautiful in your home anytime.

  4. I'm no decorator but I think it looks nice all year round :)

  5. I think mercury glass is perfect any time! I would add some other things that are larger in scale too and maybe another texture. What you have is so pretty!!!

  6. I love mercury glass and I think you can use it all year!

  7. Your glass looks good. Especially with the grey. Love the colour of those cushions.

  8. Oh yeah, I use mercury glass and silver all year long and I love to mix them with gold. They compliment each other so well.

    I just have to thank you a million times for all the really, really gracious comments you leave on my blog. You definitely make my day. Thanks tons.

  9. Absolutely! It is fine to decorate with mercury glass year round. It is beautiful and brings a nice elegance to any room.