Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Thrifting Finds and Tuesday Morning Haul

Good Afternoon  Friends!
I trust everyone has their Christmas decorations put away. I have , and have started some new vignettes and plans for more.
I wanted to share today my thrift store finds  and my Tuesday Morning finds. I hope you enjoy!

I found this little Music box at the Habitat for Humanity re-sale store.  I have found myself falling in love with musical instruments and things that have musical instruments. I love how the little cherubs dance around.

This is how I used in a vignette. This vignette is in my guest room. I changed it out some today. I added the wicker music thingy I altered and the music box.  The cloth on the table top is a bath mat I found at the dollar tree. I loved the butterflies.  This table I found at yard sale a long time ago.  I still have plans to paint it..  You will notice it is missing the drawer pull. It is inside the drawer. I took it off in preparation of painting.

I found the tall brown urn at the same re-sale shop. The little donkey is a yard sale find of many years ago. The lamp is  a walmart lamp and the book is a yard sale find.

None of these linens are vintage. But I use lace in all sorts of project vintage and non vintage. The little stripe pillow case will get a make over. I plan to cut it down to travel pillow size and embroidery my grandson Mason's name on it. It is actually a little pillow that belong to his father when he was a newborn. So I thought it fitting I should give it to Mason.
I thought this little plate was so delicate and sweet.


These are all self explainatory.


  1. Susan, great finds and I like how you show us your vignettes that you use your thrifty finds in. I'm still taking down my Christmas decorations! So slow this year but it's OK!

  2. Oh, Susan, don't you just love thrifting? The little cherub music box is soooo sweet. You have a good eye for treasures. Here's to 2015! Susan

  3. Looks like you found a lot of cute things. Shopping at thrift stores is always fun. I also enjoy shopping at Tuesday Morning. There is a new one not too far from me that I enjoy going to. That store is like a thrift store too. They always have new things!

  4. Great finds! You've used them so tastefully. Love how you alter things to look the way you want them. Thanks for your visit!!

  5. Beautiful finds! The little music box is so adorable.The shopping in thrift shops is always very fun.