Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Thrift Store Haul

I was really pleased to be able to take these roses home with me. It is meant for a Christmas decoration. I will save them for next year. They will fit right in with my winter wonderland theme. I love that they have glitter on the roses and a frosted look to the fruit and leaves.

I found these for 99 cents. I thought they look like wintery blues. Also they have some silver pics in them , I will use them for crafting  purposes.

These flowers remind me of paper whites. They also have some silver pics in them. They were 99 cents as well.

I love these three Christmas Angels.  I will probably glue them to a canvas and display them in that matter. I will probably do something with the color. The gold  just does not do it for me............However I could leave them gold because I did decorate with gold in my kitchen this year.

I thought this little lace box was cute. I really do not like the orange flower , so I will change that out to a more neutral cream.

I thought this little candle holder was cute. It was a 1.91.  I will show you how I use it in a vignette.

I love this lace table topper. Anytime I can find lace regardless if it is vintage or not. It comes home with me. If I do not  use it for its intended purpose, I will utilize it to make something.

If I could wear this I totally would.   However I can not get one arm in the sleeve.  It is a size small. I bought it to cut up and use the individual  doily pieces in my crafting.


  1. You found some really GREAT things there, Susan. I love that first set of flowers. Those are keepers for sure. All your buys are good ones. xo Diana

  2. You had a very successful day with great finds.
    Hugs Kay

  3. Great finds! Love the angels. They would be pretty painted white, or a very light pink, don't you think? Although, I have 2 that are gold and I leave them up all the time.

  4. Looks like you had a successful day thrifting. It's always fun to find great deals like that.

  5. Some really great finds. Love the flowers! I too pick up lace whenever I run across it.

  6. Nice finds..I love thrifting but I had to stop going regularly as I was running out of storage space. I love going with a friend and looking around and sometimes I find something that just has to go home with me! Pretty lace pieces!
    Miss Bloomers