Tuesday, August 3, 2010

This purse is brand new as you can see the tag. It is in my favorite color pink. Although it is not my style. It was a dollar. Which ever of the girls in my family that visits first and likes it . It will be theirs.
These leather gloves were a dollar. I will proably use these myself. Although we do not have much glove weather in South Carolina. I may give them to one of the girls. I don't know yet.
These chili pepper utensils were a dollar also. Brand new in the package. My daughters kitchen is done in Chili peppers so these will go to her.
This little fondue set, at least I think it is what this is, will go to my step daughter. She is the cook of the family.
These little candle holders were one dollar. Brand new and never been used. They are not my style, but they will go to someone who likes them in my family. First comes to visit first served. LOL
This brand new fleece blanket was a dollar. I will proably embroidery something for a little boy and give it to one of my new grandsons.
I thought this little snowman was cute. He was 50 cents. I will give him to my daughter , she likes snowmen.
These little items, note pads and pen, three candles were all 1.00. I may use these myself, or give them to my daughter in law. They match her decor in her house.
Christmas bath products never been open for 1.00. This may be a co-worker gift at Christmas or go to one the girls in the family.
Sparkly , glittery bath products never been open. This will end up with one of the girls in my life, daughter , daughter in law or stepdaughter. Who ever visits first and wants it. LOL


  1. You rock as the treasure hunting lady! See, that's the way to do it! Get things for yourself and not for the house and you won't have to go into any withdrawals. I will pray that your house sells in with the speed of lightening and hope that you keep in the pink!!!!!!! Have a good one, Karen

  2. Awesome treasures! Love your bloggie bling. That fondue pot is awesome!! I love the purse too. I can't believe your comment..it really blessed me today. xox!

  3. Oh my goodness, you found all of those items brand new? Good job! Isn't it amazing what can be found at yard sales? Susan

  4. Susan,
    Don't you just love a good bargain. Sometimes I have to keep myself away from all the sales until I can sell what I have...they're just too hard to resist though. Thank you for your very kind comment on my post.
    Happy hunting.

  5. Susan, I had typed a LONG post to put on your blog..and when I went to enter it...it all disappeared.
    Maybe it is wating to be moderated...but let me know. oK?


  6. Cute purse and I love those candle holders! Great bargains!