Friday, August 27, 2010

Thank you Friends/ Goodwill Haul

Good Evening My blogger Friends. I first want to thank everyone for their prayers that I will be cancer free. Unofficially the doctor thinks I am cancer free, but he did remove a polyp. So he has to send it off for testing. I should know next week the official results.

I was in a seminar on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy today. So on my lunch hour I stopped by the Goodwill that was near by. So I wanted to share my finds with you!!

I just thought these little sandles were so cute! I don't know if they are good brand name or not. But I sure do love them and they are in good condition.

The brand name of the sandals

Inside Rockport shoes posted below.

You all know I don't really like to buy used shoes. But these brown shoes with pink interior are in great conditiion. They are Rockport Brand.

This is just a simple flannel pull over jacket. It is brand new from QVC, it is made by Denim and Company. I can wear it as a casual knock around jacket.

Look at the color of this sweater and the embroidery. It is a Bob Macki design. I have a jacket designed by him with some bright colorful embroidery. This is brand new,not a flaw, the tags are still on it.

Of course this scarf is pink with pink roses. So how could I pass it up!

I thought the silk ribbon embroidery on these valances was so pretty. I hope I can use them in the new house. If not I will have to figure out something else to do with them.

I found these Avon eggs, they depict each season. Unfortunately I broke the summer egg before I even got it out of the store. This is the fall Egg. Each egg has a saying on the back , but the pictures I took of them you cannot read the words.

This is the Winter Egg! I just love cardinals, they are the my Home state , state bird.

Third Egg


  1. I'm glad your test went well. I'm sure the official results will reflect the doctor's opinion.

    The sandals look very comfortable. I like Denim & Co.

    Have a great weekend! La

  2. Wow! Nice finds! Sure hope you get great news from your Dr.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  3. Great finds! I love the flannel jacket! Praying for good news!

  4. Susan! You always get such great things. I used to go to Good Wills on Sundays (99 cents day) and have a ball...I sure do miss it. I just know you are going to get great news from the doctor and have yourself a great big sigh!!!!! Karen

  5. Hi Susan,
    My name is Mikelle Street and I'm with Carolina Bloggers. I was clicking around on your blog(I do adore that plaid shirt) looking for a way to contact you to invite you to a luncheon for South Carolina bloggers and couldn't find one. We would really like to see you there as we're gathering some key bloggers and your name was given to us, so if you would please email us at carolinablogging at hotmail, we could provide you with all of the information and send you an invite. I look forward to hearing from you.

    -Carolina Blogging

  6. Beautiful eggs. I would check on ebay to see if you can replace the broken one.

  7. Susan, I think you a super shopper! Thanks for the visit and for enter my painting giveaway -- good luck!

  8. Hello sweets, wow, I really pray that you remain cancer free. Your sandals are darling and of course I adore the pretty rose scarf.
    Have a lovely weekend.