Sunday, August 1, 2010

A few yard sale treasures.

As most know who read my blog, we are selling our house. It has been officially been on the market two days. No lookers as of yet. I am afraid we are in for a long wait, with the economy the way it is.
It is frustrating to me because I feel in limbo. I don't want to do any decorating in this house because we are moving. However I have packed up alot of our decorations to get the house staged for selling.
Having the house on the market is cutting into my thrifting addiction. As hard as I tried I could not , not go to yard sales this weekend. I only bought about two other items beside the jewelry I have posted below. I will show you those finds at a later post.
Please keep us in mind when you pray. Pray that our house sells quickly, so I won't go into withdrawals. However my style is going more traditional in the new house. Less shabby , cottagie things. But don't worry I will still collect all my pinkness.
Hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend. I have to work tommorrow..........sigh.


  1. Great finds. I shop yardsales and thrift stores for new items for Christmas. I sure keeps the cost of what I spend at Christmas down. ~~Sherry~~