Sunday, August 22, 2010

Prayer request/Yard Sale Finds

Good Evening Bloggers! Please keep me in your prayers tomorrow. I had colon cancer about two years ago. I was free from it last year. I go for my annual colonoscopy tomorrow morning so please pray I have good results like I did last year.

I thought I would post my weekend yard sale finds!! I promised my sweet hubby that for each piece I brought into the house, I would take out a piece to give to Goodwill. So I gotta start digging for something to get rid of,I did find two pillow shams, I think that will count for two pieces don't you? lol

These two plates were 4.oo at Home Goods Store. I paid a dollar for both at a yard sale. They are pink and green with roses , how could I not buy them.

These two little embroidered doilies were a dollar. The lady who sold them to me said that her grandmother hand made these. I don't believe I could sell something my grandmother handmade. I would pass them down to my children as family heirlooms. But that is just me

These two little tea towels are so pretty. I love the embroidered birds and they are each different. They cost me a dollar.

I paid .25 cents for this. I thought I could use it somehow on the fourth or memorial days.

This is a square table topper. You all know I love embroidery. Isn't the cutwork lace so beautiful on this one. Also I love the tone on tone colors as well!

This is another up close of the table topper.

I have a love for baskets. I didn't realize it was Home Interior until I got it home. I paid two dollars.

This is the tag showing the Home Interiors brand name!

In earlier post I showed the books I found on The Left Behind Series. This weekend I found the whole series on audio cassette. I was so excited!! She was asking 7.00 but she let me have them for 5.00.


  1. Susan you found some wonderful thrifty finds. I have you in my prayers for tomorrow to have a clean bill of health!

  2. Your husband sounds like mine! Breath. Prayers for you. My man goes for a colonoscopy tomorrow also. His mom had colon cancer.

  3. Susan, I want you to know I am saying a prayer for you today. I am wishing you the best of luck and news concerning your colonoscopy. I love all your linens, but my favorite is the pink cherries and I think it's terrible someone would sell their grandmother's handwork for $1! I couldn't do it either. I am so glad that you found it though because I know you will appreciate it. Twyla

  4. Hi Susan!

    You are in my prayers for a clean bill of health!

    Oh girl, you got some beautiful things this past weekend! And that Left behind series on audio was a great price! I have all the books but, I haven't read them yet. My hubby has.

  5. Hi Susan, Best wishes and many prayers being sent your way!!! I hope it's good news and you don't have to go through that again! Your linens are beautiful, what a wonderful
    find! Debbie @ Cottage Hann~ME~Downs

  6. Nice haul, Susan. Best of luck to you as you undergo your annual colonoscopy. I'm sending positive and peaceful thoughts your way. La

  7. Hi Susan, I hope today went well for you... I am keeping happy thoughts for you :-)
    You made some great finds! My favorite is that table topper very lovely! I have people tell me the same thing "my grandmother made it) or something similar, and it amazes me someone would give something like that away! I cherish the pretties I received from my grandmother :-)

  8. Hi Susan,
    I know it's too soon to ask what your test results are, but I'm praying they're perfect.
    You made a lot of great linen finds! I love the little bird tea towels and the American flag. It will be great for celebrating our nation's holidays.
    Patricia :o)

  9. Ps: I agree with you. I could never sell something my mother or grandmother (or even mother in law) had made.

  10. Hi Susan! As usual your yard sale finds are to die for!!! I love everything you posted. You have such good taste! I will definitely keep you in my prayers. Thank you, dear friend, for visiting my blog and leaving such a wonderful comment.

    Sending out wishes to you for good health and happiness! Karen

  11. Very pretty thrifty finds! They are all so pretty I know I would have a hard time passing them up.

    Sending wishes for a very happy day!
    Kindly, ldh