Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I rearranged the bed by placing it in the corner vs along the wall. It sure made the room look alot bigger. I plan to replace the quilt on there with something brighter or just something to enhance the bed. I bought the quilt on the bed from ebay.
The picture of the littel girl is called Disgraced. I found her at a yard sale.
The bird cage on the little plant stand I embellished.
Another view of the high boy.
This is the vignette on top of the high boy chest. I made some huge changes to this. The top was covered in all bunnies. But I placed the rose lamp and flower arrangement that was on the night stand previously. The bunnies were some of the ones that were on the chest before
The cute little shabby lamp I found at a yard sale for 1.00. The shadow boxes I posted before.
I moved the petal heart I made to this little white cuboard. I found the cupboard at Ole Time Pottery.
These little pink and white poodles were sitting on the bed. But I decided to group them all together in this sweet little basket.
You have seen this vignette before, but I did change some things out. I added the two piggie banks. Of course I kept my sweet little black face lamb!1
Another view of the dresser top.
This is a picture of my dresser top. The candle stick holder was a goodwill find! Unfortunately one of the arms are broke off on the back. But it was so beautiful I could not resist it. Thank goodness it was the back holder that was broken off.

This is the vignette I have on my stand in there. The night stand was moved from beside the bed to the corner. I did some changes on it. I shopped my kitchen and moved the rose lamp from my kitchen table to the guest room. The other goodies on the table are all yard sale finds. The boot I put the flowers in my self and added some satin roses as buttons on the boot.
I found the rose picture at Goodwill, the heart plates I have picked up at yard sales here and there. The shelf I paid 1.00 for at a Community yard sale. It matches my other oak furniture in there perfectly.
The little table below is one I bought in Kentucky at The Peddlers Mart when I visited my daughter last year. The top opens and there is a place for storage. I always need ways to store things.
Below are the curtains hanging in my guest room I intend to replace these with some new ones. That is if I ever shop at a "real store " again.
Below is the pink hat I posted earlier. I don't think you ever saw the pink purse that is the perfect match for the hat. I bought both at Goodwill.
Below is a picture of a wreath I found at Goodwill. I added the big pink flowers. You have seen this wreath before in earlier post. I moved it from one wall to where it is now, up over the dresser.
Another view of the picture and the sweet dress.
Isn't this the sweetest little pink dress. I don't remember where I got it....but it was so adorable I just had to have it.
I found this rose picture at GoodWill for 3.92. The little shabby hanger was 25 cents at a yard sale.
Another view of the hat. Also I hung a lace skirt I found at Goodwill and a lace blouse.
Below are pictures of the hat I made or rather I decorated.

One corner of my dresser. I bought the lady with the hat at yard sale for 10 cents. I added the beads around the lid and put the beads inside. The picture is of one my grand dogs, Sydney. That was when she was a little puppy......that monkey she is setting by is very tiny. The butterfly lamp was a 1.oo at a yard sale. I just loved it!


  1. Oh my heavens this is Shabby Pink goodness! I adore it all! I love the bedspread and the curtains! I think they are oh so perfect. I love all of the lovely soft romantic displays. Oh la la I am swooning over your oh so pretty candlestick, broken makes it even lovelier in my opinion. Your walls look close to the color in my bedroom and I am interested to know more about the darling shadow boxes. I ADORE the pink little hanging heart and the poodles grouped together are so sweet. I think you have done an outstanding job! Thank you for sharing this with me, you make me want to go rearrage a room or paint something pink. Tee hee! Lots of hugs,

  2. Oh Susan! there are so many pretty things in this room! I just adore all the little lamps! LOVE them. But, that print with the little girl just so instantly touched my heart! I think having a little girl, it just hits so close to home!!

  3. Hi Susan,

    What a sweet guest room. I love it and love your dresser so much. I wish to paint my bedroom in pink but havent done so. Will so it soon. You really inspire me. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Beautiful! I LOVE IT _very clever decor - Paula from Idaho

  5. It's so pretty and what great deals you've found!!! I just love the bunnies and the poodles!

  6. What a sweet room. You picked a lovely pink. I also spotted the cutest bright green bunny. The poodles look nice in their new home too.

  7. Your home looks very cosy ! and so lovely decorated !

  8. What a beautiful and romantic bedroom!!! I would love to stay there!!! Is that a crocheted rug in front of the door...it is beautiful!!!

  9. The bedroom is very romantic and adorable. Thanks for becoming a follower and signing up for the giveaway....Christine

  10. Susan,
    Thank you for your sweet comments! You can go to Paris with me any day...maybe next week we can go to Italy! Tee Hee