Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Yard Sale/Goodwill finds, and some of my home vignettes.

Good Evening Bloggers! This post finds me very sick. My allergies have really kicked in or I am getting a serious cold.
I thought I would post my recent finds as well as some other treasures in my home. I so love homemaking. I am praying for a miracle so I can retire. Please pray for me as well, my body is giving out on me and am not physically able to work anymore.


  1. Hi Susan, hope you're felling better! I loved the little teapot. So cute! I love roses. xo Vanessa

  2. Oh sweet friend... prayers for God to give you the ability to retire!

  3. God will always provide! I wish we could all have the patience of Job. Things always work out and then we find we've worried over nothing. If you can, hand it over to God and he'll do whats best!

  4. Hello my sweet friend! I have recieved my package and I am JUMPING FOR JOY! I love every single thing in it! I am already enjoying it and I have lit one of the pretty candles and put a pretty pink towel in my bathroom and decorated a shelf with all of my goodies! I cannot believe you sent me all of these lovely rose treasures! I am so blessed to ! Thank you from the bottom and top of my heart! I am even using some of the paper it was wrapped in to make signs and decoupage items! You do not know how much these gifts mean! Thank you, Thank you Thank you! Super big tight squishy hugs!
    Your friend,
    i am going to post pictures on my next post of all of the treasures and the pretty sign i made with the paper!