Saturday, May 22, 2010

I bought this little old sewing basket from and elderly gentlemen who was having a blessing sale! I paid a dollar.
Look at all the gooidies inside the basket. It was filled with loose stick pins as well, but I carefully discarded those. You can never be too careful.
This absolutely my favorite find of the weekend yard sales. On the bottom of the piece it has the marking Johnson Brothers, England. I spotted this vase from the road before I got out of my car! It was even hidden under a table! I paid a whole dollar for this large vase. I bought it from a gentleman who advertised his yard sale as a blessing sale.
This is an up close of the delicate roses on the piece. It has these same rose on the back of the piece as well.
This is an upclose of the delicate roses on the side of the piece!
I bought this shabby candle holder with crystals for a dollar. I just love the beading that hangs down.
I bought all three of these items for 1.oo. I especially love the little hand painted rose vase!
This is the inside liner of the little trinket box below.
This little box was a dollar. I would not have paid a dollar, but it is lined so beautifully!
I have several pieces of these figurines. They all depict children with mother, sister or grandmother. I paid a dollar for this one. I know they are cheap items, but I just love them. I have a special display in mind for these.
I paid 50 cents for this pink bowl!! I love the way it looks like it has lace around the edges!
I paid a dollar for this little yellow pot at a yard sale today.
This little silver tea set was 5.95 at Goodwill. As you can see it needs lots of TLC. I don't have any silver cleaner in the house but will go to Walmart tommorrow to buy some! I probably paid too much for it, but it was so cute I had to buy it!
I think this is just the cutest thing. The basket is lined in pink! it has napkin rings and teapot and cups and saucers with pink roses!! Look at the little napkin ring and napkin. Isn't that the sweetest little set.
I found this little miniature picnic basket at Goodwill for 3.93.
I made this gold rose pillow for our living room! I think it turned out pretty well!!
This little beaded hanging pillow was made from scraps I had left over from the larger pillow. I had the beads, the trim, and the gold button all on hand!


  1. Love all your finds. You certainly did not pay too much for the silver tea set. And I especially love the vase with the roses. Goodwill is the best. What is a blessings sale? Is it common there or is it just this man's idea that he put into such clever and endearing words.(had so much to be grateful for and is sharing with others.)

  2. Susan, I absolutely love that flowered vase! And what a bargain on it, as well. The sewing basket is so sweet. Everything you found was so reasonably priced. So what IS a blessing sale, anyway? :-) Sue

  3. Hello my sweet friend oooohhhhh that large vase is Shabtastic! I love it! It would be beautiful filled with pretty roses, real or faux! The candle and sewing basket are darling as well! I hope you have a lovely weekend! Oh yes, if you have a moment to email your address again... I have a special little card for you!
    Big squishy hugs,

  4. OMG Susan! You found some AMAZING treasure for AMAZING prices!!!!

    I want the Johnson Bro. vase, the shappy candle holder with crystals, the trinket box, the pink bowl, the little silver set that adorable basket with the tea set.....okay, I WANT IT ALL! LOL

  5. Hi Susan!

    Oh my goodness I want to come over and shop at your house!! You found some real treasures - the childs teaset and pretty vase steal my heart away :-)
    Enjoy a glorious Sunday and thank you for sharing your fabulous finds today!!
    Warmest Regards,

  6. Thank's for the explaination on blessing sale. RE: the bible belt. As we have traveled recently to texas and then later to fla., I was always exclaiming to my man when I saw the signs and all. I kept yelling, I WANT TO LIVE HERE!

  7. Wow, you really got some great things. THe vase is just making me swoon!!

    Thanks for entering my little giveaway ! Good luck to you!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  8. Why is it I can never find such fabulous things when I am out at yard sales or thrifting??? That Johnson Bros vase is incredible! Well done Susan!

    Best wishes for a fabulous week,

  9. You did so well. So many treasures! My favorite is the vase with the pink flowers. Your gold flowered pillow is charming. Did you embroider it by hand or machine?

    - The Tablescaper

  10. Great finds. My favorite is your vintage candleholder.I am not familiar with a blessings sale but I like the idea. Hope it catches on in the upstate.

  11. You said "I absolutely adore your basket!! "... and I absolutely adore your rose vase & that darling tea set!! My DGD would ♥ something so precious. ♫ ♫ Lucky-Dog!♫ ♫

  12. That shabby candle holder is BEAUTIFUL!! I have a few little girls who would have loved for me to bring home a sweet tea set in a basket. What great finds.