Tuesday, May 11, 2010

This was my absolutely most favourite find of the weekend yard saling excursion. 15.00 dollars for this green chippy chicken wire cupboard. I am debating on painting it white. My husband thinks I should leave it green and chippy as it is. What do you think? White or green?? I need to clean it up and decide where in my house to put it. I have no room for anything else, so I have to be creative.
I was also lured to this little dainty dish. It was 1.91 as well.
Ialso paid way too much for this little basket at Goodwill. It was a 1.91. But the daintiness of the basket and its color won me over. Oh well!
This little rose teapot was 3.93 at Goodwill. I think that was a little high , especially if Ihad found it a yard sale I would not have paid more than a buck for it. But it had pink rose and I was a sucker for pink roses.
This silver tray came from Good will for 1.91. As you can see it needs some TLC.
This little lunch box purse was 1 dollar. I love the turquoise color. I am going to store my hot glue gun and glue sticks inside. Of course I will make sure the gun has cooled down and all the glue is cleaned off to prevent it ruining the inside of the box.
This tall cut glass piece is about fourteen inches high. I paid two dollars for it. I think it was well worth it.
I have been finding cut glass lately at yard sales. The above bowl I bought for 1 dollar. The shells and potpourri I had on hand.
I got both these candle sticks for 50cents. The candles you will remember from a previous post were 25 cents each.
You cannot see these plates very well, but they are really beautiful!! I bought three of them at a yard sale for a dollar!
This tea set my youngest son brought back to me from Okinawa. I will always cherish it, and will proably be handed down to granddaughter when she is grown and married. I think it is really beautiful!
Up close view of my hutch. If you look close you will see some Old Country Rose china on right side of the hutch. I have a ten piece setting of this china, and five Goblets that matches. I have a few of the accessory pieces. My goal is to get the teapot. I keep giving hints at Christmas, birthdays etc, but still no luck!! LOL
I did some deep cleaning this weekend because I had a three day weekend. In South Carolina we celebrate Confederates Memorial Day. I took everything out of my hutch and washed everything and then did some rearranging. This was the end result.


  1. Hi there Susan...hope you are feeling better soon...that is one great cabinet! I say *white* but I say white on everything:)

  2. Hi Susan!

    oh girl, I see lots of "oooohs and ahhhhs" for these pretty finds.....so let the "oooh & ahhh" begin!

    First off, that cabinet is beautiful! Great price! I am thinking white as well but, i'm not sure. It would depend on where you put it.

    the little teapot was a steal! so pretty! You know how I LOVE my teapots! and the set your son brought you...big HUGE ooooohs and Ahhhhhhs!!!!

    I think that silver tray is going to be gorgeous all polished up!!

    And I am totally in love with the tall lidded cut glass dish!! So pretty!!

    Everything is wonderful!!

    Have a great day my friend!

    Diann :)

  3. Oh, and I can NOT believe I wasn't a follower! I thought I was. Well, I am now!!

  4. Oh i am doing the super happy dance on your cabinet! $15 is a super steal!!!!! LOVE IT! I think white would be amazine but the green is really in right now! I also love your hutch with the pretty china and your teapot set is darling!
    Love it all... you are quite a treasure hunter!

  5. Hello there,
    Hope you are feeling better soon! what wonderful treasures you found! I love your cabinet, and while I tend to want to paint everything white, I really like the color as is! Enjoy!

  6. WOW I can't believe you got that tall, diamond cut vase for $2. I've seen them running as high as $49 here. Thankfully, I still have the one that belonged to my grandmother.

  7. What a lovely find and at a super price! I love the chicken wire front. I like the green chippy look...I guess it depends where you use it and what colors you have but it's really pretty! If you paint it white, maybe you could sand a little around the edges, etc to give it that distressed and chippy look. It's darling either way!

  8. All wonderful finds...especially that cupboard!

    Hugs, Lana

  9. Hi Susan... I hope you are feeling better! You made a wonderful find on that green cupboard (and a crazy good price too!), I say white with little bits of the original color peaking through at the edges:-)

  10. Hi Susan,

    My what a great find. I Love the wire cupboard so much and of course all the items displayed in your hutch. It is a beautiful hutch.

  11. Susan dear, looks like you scored big time! love the chippy cabinet and I love how it looks.. you don't need to repaint it white.. leave it as it! to give its oldage look.. :D just my two cents thoughts! have a good weekend!

  12. Excellent buys!!! LOVE the cabinet! I would just sand it a little on some edges and give it a glaze to accent that great piece!! I saw your post on Show & Tell Friday!

  13. Nice finds. The tea set is adorable. Indeed, it will make a wonderful present to pass on to your granddaughter when the time comes.
    Please, get well and have a wonderful weekend.

  14. I love all your great finds, Susan, but you scored real big on that cupboard. So pretty! Love the teaset from Okinawa too....Christine

  15. Susan, I am so sorry to hear that you have been unwell. I do hope that you are feeling better now.

    I love your beautiful cabinet! How lucky to find something so pretty for only $15!! I tend to agree with your hubby too-I would leave it green! I love that shade of green.

    Take care and look after yourself.

    Best wishes,

  16. Hi Susan,
    fantastic cabinet for a price incribile!
    Best wishes
    I added you.

  17. Susan, I know how hard it is when you are not feeling your best..and you still have to work. Applying for disablity is really frustrating and takes forever.
    I developed Fibromyalgia at the age of about 43...and did not know WHAT IT WAS back then.. ..and then HAD to retire at 58 years of age because of it.
    Disabilty was not available for Fibromyalgia at that time...and so I went seven years without a paycheck... (because I was in business for myself ) THEN had to wait until Social Security kicked in. NOT GOOD ! And by then, it was too late to apply for disabilty..real BUMMER.
    But you may have a good chance if you can prove you are disabled and can't work and your doctors are willing to sign that you are disabled.

    The tea set your son gave you IS INDEED LOVELY.
    ( snicker ) IF you find you do not have room for that cabinet...I have ROOM for it...and it needs to be WHITE...that is MY vote anyway.
    Your glass ( crystal ) collections are beautiful as far as I can see them.
    Thank you for being so faithful in coming by my blog..so appreciate your comments.


  18. You found a lot of beautiful goodies - especially the cabinet.