Monday, April 9, 2012

Tweaking, yard sale find and Projects

Good Evening bloggers.
This has been a painful day for me as I had to have a tooth extracted. My cap fell off the tooth, so when the dentist did xray's he told me the tooth could not be saved. It had decayed down in the root section.
I wanted to share a few things with you. I have been tweaking some, making projects and wanted to show you a yard sale find from Saturday.I hope your week is going well. Please enjoy and leave a comment, that would be most appreciated.

I put away all the Easter decor off the entertainment center. This is how I redecorated the piece. You all know this entertainment center has been a thorn in my side for me to decorate. I like the tall candlesticks and the turquoise piece. I also love this lamp, if you notice it has a touch of turquoise in the base as well. The little bicycle planter is a yard sale find. I really do not like the middle section of the entertainment center. I have to find something different to replace the bike. Do you think the tall candlesticks work here?

Powder Room!

This is the photo of the wall behind the toilet and the wall beside the toilet. The cream towels I found about a year ago at the Family Dollar. I love the Venetian lace on these towels. The towels are not that great quality but the lace is gorgeous!
I place a white battenburg lace placemat on the back of the toilet. The little cream vase sitting on it was a fifty cent yard sale find. The hydrangeas are a yard sale find as well. The hydrangea picture with the cream frame was a yard sale find.
The picture hanging on the side wall is from Kirkland's! I love that it says powder room. It has little rhinestones through out the picture.

This shelf use to sit in the kitchen. It had a red planter and some other kitchey decoratives sitting on the top shelf. I decided to move it to the powder room. I just bought the cut glass candle today at Big Lots. The little votive is a Laura Ashley candle from out of the round box on the next level. The little silver heart was a yard sale find earlier this year. The little vase was a Marshall's find and the little cream roses are from the Dollar tree.

This is the bottom of the shelf. I had the basket for a long time, I don't remember where I purchased it, but it just fit this bottom shelf. I removed the toilet paper and the air freshener out of the basket, to make it more photographically pretty!

I realized when I looked up over my pantry that it was pretty darn cluttered. I had this tray, and a small tray and rooster wooden plate all up there. You could not appreciate this beautiful tray for the other two items. So they had to go.
The red planter with greenery use to be sitting on the shelf on the wall behind our kitchen table. That shelf is the one above that is now in the powder room. Now I think I can appreciate my pretty tray much more.

Yard Sale Find!

Okay Okay, I know its not Christmas and its way too soon to be even thinking of Christmas. But please don't throw left over Easter Eggs at me! I found this guy at a yard sale and he was way too cute to pass over. So he came home with me. I thought I would share him with you guys.........Hey put down that egg.........I see you!
Please over look that pile of grocery adds, my hubby likes to lay them by his rocker so he can see what is on sale. He does the grocery shopping! Also there is a toppsy turvey tomato planter under the table. We decided not to use it, so it will be going to good will. Just keeping the real side of life out in the open...........wink. I actually forgot to move them before snapping the photo.


This is what an Empty Nester does on Easter weekend. All of my family live out of state and none were able to come here for the Easter holiday. I did cook for me and hubby but after that he watched golf and I created all these tags. Now the question is what do I do with all these. I have this many more upstairs in my craft room,that I have created over time.
I use bits and pieces of things I have left over from projects to create these. The cardboard base is from packaging from like flowers or charms. I don't believe in wasting any thing that is useful to re-purpose. But oh what to do with all the things I make................jeeeeeeeeeez ole pete!

This photo is of the backs of all the tags.


  1. It is lovely to see all you things you bought at garage sales and had a shift around.
    I love the powder room, the sign is very nice.
    I'm not sure about the candle sticks. If you like them try putting them both together on the same side, and something low but heavier on the other. If you like it just leave it where it is.
    You have such a pretty tray in the kitchen.

  2. My,you have been busy, all quite lovely. xx

  3. Oi am so sorry for the toothache, Susan. That is the worst pain in my opinion, but I am glad it is all over. Love the vignettes on the entertainment center and your new finds....Christine

  4. Hi Susan, Oh my goodness I hope your tooth feels better soon. Not fun to go through I am sure.
    Love your wonderful finds and your entertainment center looks great. I love the tall candle sticks that balance out the TV screen. I also love your powder room with those pretty towels.
    Darling snowman too. Your tags are wonderful. They are so addicting when working on them aren't they? Yours turned out so pretty.

    Have a great rest of the week and I hope your tooth heals quick.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  5. Could you email me some of your energy??? I love that little shelf in the bathroom. I am looking for something for ours right now, but haven't found anything so cute!

  6. So sorry top hear about your tooth Susan, never fun having to go to the dentist!
    Nice redo after Easter, I still have mine up. oops!
    I bet your hotting the yard sales today?
    hugs Lynn

  7. Hope you are feeling better. Your treasures are fabulous finds. You did really well. The sign and shelf in the bathroom are wonderful. Great job. Hugs, Marty

  8. Wow Susan, your tags are so beautiful! I think your entertainment center looks lovely...not over cluttered. Men are their bit t.v.'s...we just have to learn to make the best of it I guess:) Your powder room looks lovely also, very clean and simple!

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for your kind comment:)